Avenue K "STORIES" where Fashion, Art and Food merge!

Fashion itself never goes out of style, it evolves from generation to generation reeling in fresh designers from all walks of life. In Malaysia, fashion forward individuals will be delighted to know that recently ESMOD KL teamed up with Avenue K with the launch of a brand new creative space - “STORIES” where fashion, art and food merge. 

This concept was explained by the General Manager of Avenue K during the Grand Launch - “We are so privileged that we get to work with these curated local brands, from the likes of Angel Pong, bunbun, Giovani Phandi, Liren, LHY, Homun Hooi, Lazyheads, MOM, scotty and Vibrate – each with its own design inspirations and stories to tell and all woven into the rich colours, gorgeous prints, funk interpretations and unique styles that define what STORIES is all about, the space for which creativity knows no bound.”

In addition to the 10 young Malaysian designers under STORIES, Eric Choong’s Batik-inspired apparel is a highlight for any shopper visiting STORIES with his touch on colors and patterns implementing a subconscious way with raising awareness of Southeast Asia’s cultural concepts. STORIES embodies the creative minds of young Malaysians and pioneers of the fashion industry as seen through their showcased collections. Each fashion designer(s) individualism is woven well through their collection at the store proving that there’s something for every shopper! From Lazyheads - comfy street vibes to Liren - sophisticated apparel. Each item displayed accommodates to anyone who visits STORIES located at Avenue K’s Mezzanine Floor. 

Integrating a taste for fashion with an assortment of light bites and refreshing drinks infused with flowers and herbs, Midori Cafe is located right in Stories for fashion lovers to lounge after perusing through the aisles filled with eye catching apparel. 

Spend a minimum of RM150 in a single receipt at The Art of Eric Choong or any ESMOD KL’s designer brands from 19th to 22nd Sept 2019, shoppers will be rewarded a token to try their luck at the Claw Machine. From 19th Sept to 18th Oct 2019, shoppers can also choose to try their luck at the Mystery Gift Machine with RM150 spent in a single receipt.

The Grand Launch brought to life ESMOD KL young, up and coming fashion designers and Eric Choong’s batik inspired apparel with a fashion show shining light on each designer's collection. Check out our favorite styles from STORIES here!