Elvin Romeo’s New Single “Falling in Love”

From a  YouTuber to a musician, Elvin Romeo should be on your list of Malaysia’s up and coming new artist. Rooted in Sabah, his YouTube videos are usually in a reaction style format but this year he’s embarking on a music career with the release of his new single “Falling in Love”. Collaborating with Sabah's very own composer Jonathan Tse  and Peter Lau, Elvin expressed recording this single was a very different experience compared to creating covers and making beats in his room. We asked him how was the recording like, he mentioned that being in the studio and singing in front of people was nerve wrecking. Adding that he had to record numerous times to nail it as it was his first time professionally recording. Fans of Elvin Romeo will be delighted to see this other side of him, as a budding musician reflecting his creative mind and voice onto his songs. Listen to his single out now on streaming platforms to fully immerse yourself in the relaxing chill vibes radiating from his tunes.

The new debut single titled "Falling in Love" was a song for his then girlfriend who unfortunately broke up with him. The song itself encompasses his love in a lighthearted manner showcasing his first step into the music industry. Elvin mentioned if ever there was a follow up to his songs, he would want to release a song titled “Kosong” (Empty) referring to the emptiness he felt inside after the relationship ended. His musical inspirations derives from his favorite artists such as Phum Viphurit and Joji. When asked if given a chance would he collaborate with any of them, he enthusiastically tells us a firm yes. For fans awaiting his live performance, he shares that he hope to gain more confidence to perform in the near future.

Elvin expressed his gratitude with a message for all of his fans right here -”Thank you to my followers and audience on YouTube, FB and Instagram who’s been supporting me from day 1, 2016 - I just wanna say thank you so much. Without you I’m a nobody and also to the new followers, hope you guys enjoy my video, music and everything that I do.”

Don’t miss out on Elvin Romeo’s rendition of a love song right here!