Indulge in "Caramel Cream" with Midnight Fusic

Malaysia’s very own boy group “Midnight Fusic” consisting of vocalist- Raja Arif Aizuddin, lead guitarist- Adrian Danial, bassist- Firdaus Azmi, and drummer- Muaz Rabbani of debuted in 2018 recently released their sweet single “Caramel Cream”, as part of their upcoming EP. This new single title is inspired by a popular beverage. The lead singer, Arif expressed how he wanted the listeners to put their own meaning in their song that could mold a joyful feeling. A metaphor for a source of happiness. Jokingly Arif added he initially wanted the song to be Green Tea but they chose to stick with Caramel Cream.  

Fans are excited for their upcoming EP as it will consist of 2 yet to be release tracks titled “UTW” and “LDSK”. Fans of the band can expect themes of unrequited love and long distance relationship running through “UTW”. As mentioned by them, the story behind UTW stems from a friend of the band who met a Singaporean girl and didn’t feel like coming back home to Malaysia as she was an embodiment of home which channeled their upcoming track in the EP. “LDSK” on the other hand will be a love letter written in a form of a song.  

Midnight Fusic is not your typical boy band as they do dive into topics such as mental health and the use of substance in their lyrics. Lead guitarist Adrian spoke about how music, especially performing live while the fans sing-a-long is a wonderful feeling, as music brings a sense of purpose into his life. This is portrayed well in “Flowers” from their When Love Was Around EP which is written from a perspective of someone who is not alive anymore. Do check out “Flowers” as it really speaks out about the emptiness of someone who’s going through depression and the lyrics are layered in such a manner that allows the listeners to take in what depression feels like.  

We asked if the band’s relationship was easy from the start as they were formed during high school. They shared that between each other they are really good friends but in terms of being in the band, it took a number of shows and practice to get to where they are. The boy’s personal music preference is the same but different as mentioned by the lead singer. The bassist, Fridaus’s music taste were in the reigns of rock and heavy metal which was a surprise due to his quiet demeanor. He was praised by his own band members for slapping the bass in a funk manner as he is personally very into rock. Stay tune for “DTW” and “LDSK” in their upcoming EP releasing in the near future! For now, check out their new single “Caramel Cream” on streaming platforms and watch their music video right here!