Songs Recommendations Based on Your Astrology Sign

These days, astrology craze is back in action. From Aries to Pisces, we've got each star sign back up a tune that best describes you! All in the name of fun, here we go! 

1. Aries
Aries represented by mars, this fiery sign is ready to jump head in with a fiery passion! We've picked a Christina Aguilera classic - "Fighter" from her 2002 album Striped. Embodying a warrior, this song best defines the first sign of the star signs. 

2. Taurus
Taureans are sensual in nature, and in search for pleasure. From food to sex, Harry Styles's Watermelon Sugar combines both sexual innuendos and food. Anybody listening to this song will be mesmerized by the indirect and wacky lyrics. 

3. Gemini
The playful Gemini is ruled by the planet mercury, this sign loves anything to do with communication. Doja Cat's R&B dance-inspired song, Say So - perfectly tries to vocalize the object of her affection to make his first move. 

4. Cancer
The only sign to be ruled by the moon. Cancers are known to be in tune with their emotions and caring nature. Raveena's Sweet Time is a soft pop tune laced with lyrics reminding us to take our sweet time whilst enjoying the simple things of life. 

5. Leo
This lion like design is inspired by the fiery nature of the sun. Leos are said to be the star of the crowd. Known to be associated with royalty and all things luxuries, This is best felt through the Ariana Grande's 7 Rings, Leos will be pulled in with familiar beats updated with 21st century lyrics. 

6. Virgo
From the Queen B herself, Virgos are dedicated to perfect themselves in ways other signs can't imagine. Encompassing the gifts of a virgo such as Beyonce herself, we choose this song Gift From Virgo to August/Sept babies! 

7. Libra 
Ruled by the planet of love, Libras are naturally drawn to partnership of all kinds. The Origin Of Love from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch tells a tale of how love came to be. Libras will fall in love with this song as it'll tug on their heartstrings. 

8. Scorpio
Another fiery sign, Scorpio are known to be secretive and mysterious. As Billboard describes this songsas "seductively murderous, Red Velvet's Peek-a-boo mysterious vibe is a perfect match with a Scorpion energy. 

9. Sagittarius
Sagittarians are said to be the luckiest people in the world and their eye for optimism. Nothings beats motivation like Panic! At The Disco's High Hopes. Breaking all boundaries these Sagittarians are not afraid to use their intellect and positive thinking to conquer another day. 

10. Capricorn 
Ruled by saturn, Capricorns are traditionalist and goal oriented people. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a wonderful song to remind Capricorns that through difficult times, there's always something to look forward to. 

11. Aquarius
Aquarians are known for their fierce individualism and innovative nature. Travelling the road less taken, these individuals steer clear from the mainstream. Check out Garden City Movement's Move On brings rhythm in a feeling without the use of an abundance of words. 

12. Pisces  
As the last sign of the astrology signs, Pisces represents the dreamlike feeling, the unknown and the psychedelic. Aurora's Animal showcases animalistic nature within our human skins looking for love in strange places.