B.A.P Showcase in Malaysia 2012

Venue : KL Live, Life Centre

Sign In Time : 8.00 P.M

The anticipated event starts with a bang! B.A.P Malaysia Showcase 2012. They sang live with their impressive vocals. B.A.P dance moves is striking and everyone loved it.There was a Q&A segment and fans felt like they know B.A.P more. They sang many songs and also did a cover of Justin Bieber's Baby. 

After the showcase, they went back on stage to have a fan-sign with the V.I.P ticket holders. The other fans stayed and took photos of them. Later they said their goodbyes and left the stage. It was definitely a showcase worth the money.

The crumpled ticket.

With my friend, Naziera.

Met with 2 B.A.P fan-boys

B.A.P currently signing posters for fans.

Seating down and answering more questions. Looking sleek in all white.

B.A.P answering questions on stage.

Till next time.