Lee Hyun Woo in Malaysia 2012

Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza

Sign In Time : 3.30 PM

Lee Hyun Woo up close and personal. The event started almost immediately as we arrived. The emcee, Natalie got the crowd into a frenzy just by the mere mention of Hyun Woo's name. Five lucky fans were chosen to participate on stage.

It was all screams the moment Lover Boy steps out. A round of questions were posed to him and he managed to experience our unique, one of its kind Malaysian delicacies.

Satay, Nasi Lemak and Kuey Teow were among those on the list. The event proceeded with the chosen fans serenading Hyun Woo with a song from his popular drama, SBS To The Beautiful You. Just like a gentleman, he chose all five as winners and took a selca (self-camera) with each and everyone of them. Lucky, you say. :)

ONE TV Asia proudly presents Lee Hyun Woo Meet and Greet!

Our Sacred Fairy, Kah Wai and I :)