Thing you "might" and need to bring to K-Pop Concert

Going to a K-Pop concert? Well then, here’s a checklist that you might find helpful. Hopefully helpful? Maybe? Excuse the 5 year old drawing of items.

☐ Ticket
Most important item to bring! No Ticket, No Concert!

☐ Bag
A bag to keep all your items in! A messenger bag will do, after all, you should never lose your style at concerts.

☐ Water
Drink sufficient amount of water before the concert if you are not allowed to bring in water bottles. Most concert venues will be selling mineral water bottles inside but probably at a higher price. Just remember to stay hydrated, trust me, facing a blackout would be the last thing you want happening to you.

☐ Snacks
Snacks to munch on while waiting in line. Such snacks such as nuts, chips, bread or biscuits. Also, you can share it around if anyone gets hungry. Better to keep the stomach from grumbling.

☐ Cash
About $10 would be enough. Don’t bring too much of cash because pick pockets are usually on the loose these days at concert venues. Bring just enough to buy snacks, water, fan items or maybe to buy a bus ticket.

☐ Sunblock
Very important if concert is outdoor. Keep your skin safe from the sun and to prevent sunburn.

☐ Raincoat
Most concert venues won’t allow you to bring in umbrellas. Bring your raincoat in case it starts raining and if you are taking photos you can use your raincoat to protect it from getting wet.

☐ Fully charged phone, camera or Ipod.
I don’t really need to explain it but with fully charged items, you won’t be disappointed.

For girls,

☐ Hair Ties / Hair Pins 
Tie up your hair while watching the concert because it might get hot! And tying it up will make you feel cooler. Also, bring a few hair pins to pin up any hair that’s irritating you such as your fringe.

☐ Sanitary pads
In case your time of the month decides to come by.