2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia

Venue : Kenanga Wholesale City, Kuala Lumpur

Sign In Time : 1.00 PM

The biggest showcase of the year with three mind blowing acts, none other than the beloved BTOB (Born To Beat), EXO-M and Super Junior-M. This time round, Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia deserve a round of applause for organising such an amazing event.

The showcase began with BTOB performing seven songs, definitely a WOW! The boys of BTOB definitely looked dashing in their red and black ensemble. 

Song 1: Born to Beat
Song 2: Irrestible Lips
Song 3: Imagine
Song 4: One Thing I Know
Song 5: My Girl
Song 6: Insane

Song 7: Wow

Next up was the rookie group, EXO-M! They performed so well and had the crowd screaming in frenzy during Mama :)

Here's the list of songs by them.

Song 1: History
Song 2: What is Love
Song 3: Angel 你的世界 (Angel Your World)
Song 4: Mama

And, finally, they say "you always save the best for last". Truth be told, Super Junior-M, the crowds' favourite was the last act of the night. 

The boys of Super-Junior M are the ultimate sweet talkers as they teased their fans, known better as Everlasting Friends (E.L.F) that they were on a visit to Malaysia to search for a girlfriend. 

After that, there was a short session where the boys had to guess certain Malaysian fruits and fans could barely hold in their laughter as the boys kept guessing them wrongly. 

Super Junior-M member, Choi Siwon who could not make it due to drama recordings in Seoul recorded a short video acknowledging the fans in Malaysia.

The boys nevertheless performed so well, living up to their name. Their loyal fans kept shouting for an ENCORE after the boys said their goodbyes and left the stage.

Here's the song list :

Super Junior-M
Song 1: Super Girl
Song 2: 至少还有你 (At Least I Still Have You)
Song 3: 爱不单行 (Love Doesn't Come Alone)
Song 4: 迷 (Lost)
Song 5: 命运线 (Destiny)
Song 6: 太完美 (Too Perfect)

So, you missed out on it? Don't fret, we have all the pictures here and fancams as well: