NU'EST Face To Face In Malaysia Showcase

Venue : Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

Sign In Time : 6.00 PM

L.O.Λ.E.were having a field day today as it is finally NU'EST Face To Face Showcase! We were excited for it as well as the boys who are deemed to be prettier than flowers will be performing. As usual like any K-Pop events, there was a long line filled with fans, complete with props and placards at the entrance when we arrived. 

It was frenzy the moment the boys stepped on stage for "NU, Establish, Style, Tempo" and "FACE". No doubt, the boys rocked the stage and got the crowd screaming in excitement.

The features of showcases are fan services and for this as well, there was a game for fan interactions. Five lucky girls were chosen with each member having to perform a certain action to the girls.

Minhyun sang beautifully while Ren had to act cute "bbuing bbuing" style. Baekho decided to hug the lucky fangirl from the back and Aron had to self-camera (selca) with the girl. JR who ran out of ideas, nevertheless performed a sexy dance for the ecstatic fangirl.

The boys then sang "I'm Sorry" and "Action" which got the crowd hyped up once again. After that, another five fans were chosen for a "Catwalk and Pose" game. 

The all time favourite, "Not Over You" was next and the fans swayed left and right to the song. Since Christmas was around the corner, the boys sang the Korean rendition of the infamous "Jingle Bells" and finished off with "Sandy". The boys definitely know how to capture the hearts of their fans as they hopped down the stage into the crowd during the song.

The night ended with the High 5 Session where fans got a chance to see the boys upclose!

All in all, Rhythm Land organised the event well with the situation being under complete control. In the future, we will be looking forward to more K-Pop events by Rhythm Land! 
Thank you for the opportunity to cover this event.

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Special thanks to HallyuM

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