2013 Mambo with A-Prince Fan Party In Singapore

The highly anticipated boy band, APrince has indeed came back to Singapore for a Fan Party. The boy band came up the stage cheerfully as the fans were screaming.

APrince started the fan meet by performing 'You're the only One'
Host: So Mambo. Tell us a bit of this new song?
APrince: Mambo is a very charming song based on a Latin American rhythm and fans can relate to the song anytime.

Sung Won: Mambo is also meaningful because we performed it first in Singapore.
Host: How was it like to dance to the song Mambo in the streets of Korea?
APrince:  We shoot our 'My Lady' music video in Singapore because Singapore is such a scenic place and we enjoy it very much and we're all satisfied.

 APrince then performed ' I Love you' and did a cover of 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction.
There was a short break and a guest performance by the dance group called CL1MAX.
When they're back they gave out the prizes to the winning group S&D who did a cover of 'Mambo'.
Then they called up 5 fans by having a lucky draw session to conduct a dance-off of their song 'Mambo'.

  APrince: Do you guys know how to dance 'Mambo'?
They showed the fans on how to dance.
 Sung Won: The most important part of the dance is not the legs but the feelings, the emotions you put in the dance.

After the dance-off they performed 'Mambo' and the next track was 'Hello'.
Host: Just now I told them that the fans had a surprise for them.
Fans: Oppa SarangHae!

They also celebrated the 300th day debut of APrince. They received a few presents from the fans.
Host: I want each of you tell us how they feel.

APrince: Thank you so much for all the presents. We are touched by all the gifts. It is also a great opportunity to meet you guys up close. We would like to say thank you so much for waiting for us.
For the finale they performed 'Oh Girl' and left the stage to get change for the fan signing session.
APrince is such an energetic boy band who loves their fans so much. They make all the fans happy and it was a great time spent with the boys.

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