[코믹 피에스타] Comic Fiesta 2013 Day 1 & 2

Here we are opening to our avid K-Pop readers to other new and exciting available events to expand your horizons. Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) convention. Comic Fiesta 2013 was held 21–22 December 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and has attracted thousands of people. Comic Fiesta is truly a must attend event for everyone. There were a huge variety of exhibitor booths with illustrators showing their artworks, doujins and more. Equally, there were art-booths separated by basic art booth and premium art-booths. Items available for sale are mainly handmade. Other than that, there were panel rooms at different time of the day for the fans to get to know guest illustrators, cosplays, PPY and Livetune. Also on Day 1, fans get up close with a Coffytiam Signing session with VOFAN and Yuegene Fay.

One the first day, there was a Group Cosplay Competition and each portray of characters can be seen with passion and hard work. Guest judges present for the Group Cosplay Competition were Xrystal, Yuegene Fay, and Zend. What’s more, on stage of the first day at 3PM – 3.30PM was Culture Japan ft. Danny Choo. Following "absolutely crazzzy" perform live on stage and judging by the screams it was a big hit! Game developer of the community-centric rhythm game “osu!” came on stage at 5.30PM-6PM.

At the panel room, illustrator and designer redjuice had a panel session at 12PM-12.30PM answering fan questions. The other panel session on the first day was VOFAN, a Taiwanese illustrator at 2PM-3.30PM. The final panel session is the Cosplay Forum, attending guest cosplayers were Xrystal, ONNIES, Stayxxxx, and Yuegene Fay. Also, most of these interviews are translated from Japanese, Thai, or Mandarin.

Here are a few of the questions that was asked :-

Q : How did you started Cosplay?
Stay : One day, my seniors were holding an activity for school and they need another side character so I was asked to participate with them and end up to cosplay at the end.

Fay : I started cosplaying because I like to listen to music especially J-rock/visual kei. There is  crazy clothes and crazy makeup and can create something good.

Q : How do you define a good cosplayer?
Stay : To be a good cosplayer, I thinkt the first is to appreciate and understand the character but if at times that outfit of the character may not look similar but then you can get a little help from makeup but most importantly it’s how well one understands a character.

Q : What are the basic makeup products for those who just started cosplay?
ONNIES : I think eyebrow because most characters have colourful hair so the eyebrows will have to match with the wig.

Xrystal : I think the other things to watch out will be the eye shape because some of the character have elongated eyes, rounder eyes etc. So it does make a big difference with the way you draw your eyeliner and also the way you draw the double eyelid because not all characters have the same set of double eyelids. Even for the type of eyelashes, it does make a difference.

Q : When you decide to cosplay a character, how do you research the character makeup, outfits and etc?
Stay : Usually in both anime and manga, the character might not be portrayed alike in both anime and manga. For example Attack of Titan, Levi the gear design is different. So you would have to choose which one you want, so I would research and look closely both before choosing.

Not to mention The Legends Circuit Grand Final 2013 was also held at Comic Fiesta. There were professional players, game masters, live casters and up and rising players. Also, those who were at comic fiesta are able to have a photo op with cosplayers on site for league of legends and comic fiesta 2013. As stated, League of Legends is the world's most played game.

Dean (also known as peppy) is a game developer who single-handedly created the renowned community-centric rhythm game “osu!“. Beginning as a hobby, the popularity of osu! has increased over the last six years, growing to a community of over 3.5 million registered users and becoming a full-time project.
Following will be the quickie interview session with Game Developer for the Game OSU!

Q : How did you start game devoloping ?
A : I started during primary school, but before that a commodore 64 one of the early computers which can be connected to the TV so my mum bought it for my dad for a birthday present. So I started playing with it when I was 4 and 5. I had interest in things like this.

Q : When you started devoloping the game OSU!, did you started it like a hobby or you want to make this game big?
A : Well I started it, I was playing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan based of a DS. At the start I was playing that game and it has a list of songs that you can play but once you've finished the songs you have no more new songs to play.

Q : Do you have any motto/saying to keep you going?
A : Not really because when I start on something, I'll just keep doing it.

Q : What's the best thing and difficulties about becoming a game developer?
A : Enjoying the game, the difficulties are managing those plays because there are thousands of people playing. Lots of service and handling issues and community issues as well as arguments.

Q : In 3 years how do you see yourself?
A : I don't see that far ahead, so I take it as it is. So I just have lots of ideas for the game.

Q : What's yoru ideal working environment?
A : I move around so I don't mind.

Q : If you could travel back to time, what would you advice yourself ?
A : Back in university, I was playing lots of mmo so I feel like I would rather make games than play the games.

Q : What advice would you want to give to aspiring game developers ?
A : I think it's a really good time to make games right now because there are so many frameworks out there, packages and tutorials it's really easy. You can get it without progam, it's like using graphical interface to design games. I think anyone who have an idea should just go out there and try it.

Q : When did you know you wanted to do this?
A : Like I said, I had the commodore 64 and when you're using it, you run everything from code so I was not only playing games but I also get to see how the games work.

Next, we have an interview with Nao Shirahane (DMYO) who is an amazingly talented artist who has done character designs and illustrations for PSP and Nintendo games, and also comics and illustrations for novels series under Dengeki Bunko and Kodansha Ranobe Bunko.

Q : How do you keep pushing to create more artworks?
A : When I draw, and when there is somebody who praise my drawings and they hope for the next one. At that moment, I feel like there is somebody waiting for my work therefore I must be more hardworking.

Q : Which art have you created that is your favorite ?
A : Mirai Suenaga for Danny Choo because he uses Mirai for many ideas such the smart doll, phone clock app and others.

Q: So when you get an idea, do you quickly doodle on your book or on the computer?
A : I usually keep the idea in mind first before going towards the computer and roll the idea towards a bigger picture, so it becomes more complete.

Q : What are your plans for the future?
A : Actually there's nothing big for future planning, but I'll always enjoy drawings I like and I also hope that won't have any health problems.

Q : When you start illustrating, have you ever step out of your comfort zone?
A : Well I do hope that I can challenge new things and learn new culture and create.

Q : Christmas is coming and you've work hard this year, if you could give yourself a gift what would it be?
A : I would like to eat delicious food during Christmas.

Additionally, ONNIES, A well-known cosplayer from Thailand, Onnies has wow-ed thousands of fans worldwide with her wonderful character portrayals. Her unquenchable passion towards cosplay has gathered her over 100,000 admirers on Facebook.

Q : Based on your opinions and experience, which part of the cosplay that require more attention?
A : For me it's the emotion.

Q : What's your greatest memory in cosplay?
A : It's not much of a memory, but just a while ago, when I came on stage there a lot of screams. And I was worried if anybody in Malaysia knows me but when I walk on stage I got shocked.

Q : As a cosplayer, do you have future plans?
A : I've got no plans to open a shop because most of the costumes I made are fitted for me.

Q : If you could describe yourself in 3 words, how would you?
A : Crazy, Cheerful and Sleeper.

Q : What words of encouragement would you want to give to your fans and cosplayers?
A : If you want to cos, just cos, don't be shy. Don't care anybody says.

Q : Is there any costume you felt like giving up, and how do you overcome that?
A : It's actually every costume but I will have to finish it up!
Q : What are the most time consuming prop have you made?

A : It's not mainly the time taken but it's troublesome.

Q : If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to yourself?
A : Don't post all her old pictures because it will forever be on internet.

Q : What do you think most important cosmetics for cosplay?
A : Eyelashes, from Japan (dollywink).

Q : How did you started learning your cosplay make up skills ? 
A : I learn from YouTube from other cosplayers as well as professional make up gurus. I don't like to much make up just enough to look like that character.

Q : Is there a cosplayer that you admire?
A : I'm glad that I get to meet stay because the first time I saw cosplayer on the internet.

Q : Is there a country you would want to visit that you've never visited before?
A : Maybe .. France

Q : Christmas is coming, what gift would you want to gift to yourself?
A : I would like to eat as many cookies without gaining weight.

Illustrator, Redjuice and designer born in Kouchi prefecture. Ever since becoming a hot topic after collaborating with supercell and livetune, he has been submitting art to manga and illustration magazines, designed characters for anime and games and even a character action figure. Most well known for his works for the anime “Guilty Crown” and the novel “BEATLESS”.
Below is the interview with redjuice :-

Q : Can we have a brief introduction of yourself as redjuice?
A : I’m redjuice and an illustrator.

Q : How did the name redjuice came about?
A : It is actually from my email address.

Q : What influence you to start illustrate?
A : I started off in primary school moving on to middle high plus I’m a great fan of manga. I started drawing those manga images. Even though I like very much, I wasn’t very much involve in the circle. I didn’t have a lot of chance to practice manga but more towards doodles. Later on, net doodling became popular and got interested.

Q : When you get an idea, do you go straight towards the computer or a paper?
A : I would basically use whatever that’s near me. Before this, I used to draw on paper a lot but recently that has lessen. Now a days, I've been using a tablet.

Q : Do you face any difficulties when drawing humanoids and mechanical stuff such as robot standing next to a human?
A : Yes it is quite difficult, because it’s completely different things and not easy to draw together. For example, I take inspiration from bicycle parts, like how a human rides it (it’s quite ergonomic) so I’ll think about it how a mechanical part fits the human body and human uses. That’s how I overcome.

Q: How did you join with Supercell?
A : Before I joined Supercell, I was friends with Miwa Shirō so apparently he apparently told me and said they are going to start a circle called Supercell and would you like to take part. I agreed and that was how I started working with Supercell.

Q : Which illustration he created is his most memorable/favorite one?
A : It’s actually that picture right there on the banner (see below) because it was an illustration that I was extremely satisfied with and my client is happy with it.

Q : Any habits while illustrating? and favorite color?
A : I don't know whether this is a habit but I listens to music when I draws, when I get into it my body moves along with it. Deep Blue.

Q : Any words for inspirations for those who follow his steps and those new illustrators who wish to do mecha art?
A : The first I do is to research, such as buying guidebooks for mechanical drawing, looking at pictures at mechanical parts. I also suggest to reading/looking up artists who does mecha drawing and practice drawing. The most important is to find a design that you like as it might make the process easier.

This concludes our Comic Fiesta Day 1 Event coverage. Day 1 of Comic Fiesta ended with a bang which consists a mini live concert for everyone to enjoy! 

The following Day 2 of comic fiesta started with a Live Stage by Meelz, Binyun X Shiomaru. All the performers fired up the stage. Day 2 was the Solo Cosplay Competition with Cosplay Judges - Stayxxxx, Onnies, Jerry. After that, MOVES: Yukapin. Following with Live Stage by Loverin Tamburin and another Live Stage by One PEACE. Solo Cosplay Competition (Finals) was set at 4PM-5PM with outstanding cosplays competitors. Also the long awaited UMvC3 Finals were set at 5PM-6PM with an intense gameplay. After the prize giving, Ending the night with END GAME ft. livetune.

For the panel room, Ikkyu was set at 12PM-12.30PM. Guest music produce panel session starts from 1.30PM-2PM. The other panel session was DMYO at 3PM-3.30PM and the final panel was PPY (Guest Game Devloper) at 4.30PM-5PM. Furthermore, day 2 had more guests holding  signing session at Coffytiam at different times of the day such as Ikkyu+DMYO, Stayxxxx+Onnies+Xrystal, Redjuice and finally livetune. There is no denying that Comic Fiesta is a definite here to stay.

VOFAN, a Taiwanese, currently living in Taipei, working as a full-time illustrator. Loves photography. Loves to tell stories with only the means of visuals, bringing in photographic elements into the composition, creating a poetic atmosphere between fantasy and reality.

Q : Have you ever went out of your comfort zone while illustrating?
A : At times, some topics used for artworks I'm not familiar with so these are the challenges and out of my comfort zone.

Q : In comparision, do you use a pen and paper or a computer?
A : I usually sketch on a paper then I move on to the computer to work on the details. When I sketch on the paper, more inspirations comes from there.

Q : You do like photography, do you take photos as a hobby and incorporate that into your drawings?
A : The light and shadow of the illustration are influenced by my photography. Before learning photography, the characters I drew are much more flat and not lively.

Q : Were you given any freedom in drawing the characters of Bakemonogatari or did Nisio Isin told you how to draw them?
A : I'll design the character based on the description from the novel.

Q : So when you doodle, were there any recurring shapes?
A : Usually the girls from One Piece dresses. Because I feel like the dresses are flowy when the wind blows, it looks light and cheery.

Q : What is your favorite manga to read?
A :  I like Yu Yu Hakusho.

Q : What are some of the upcoming projects ?
A : It will be the Bakemonogatari artbook which will consists most of his artwork for his series.

Q : How long does it take to finish an artwork?
A : If I don't procrastinate it will take about 20-30 hours and speed up to 3-4 days.

Q : What made your mind up to become an illustrator?
A : Because I like to draw and I draw a lot, I started to get small jobs and comission. And as I start working more, the projects expanded to bigger and now as an illustrator. I did not really came to be an illustrator at first but by time I became one.

Q : How does you feel about Comic Fiesta 2013?
A : I felt like this event has impacted me a lot because there are a variety races and I see a lot of people participating it. The event features many activities such as gaming booths, cosplays, art-booths and etc. And I've never seen event similar to this before.

Yugene Fay with over 12 years of cosplay experience, Yuegene Fay had earned herself worldwide recognition as one of the top notch cosplayers. Having the titles of WCS 2007 & 2009 Representative and Cosplay Ambassador for Thailand & Japan, Yuegene Fay is well known for her Visual Kei cosplays and is cited as among the best Gakupo cosplayer.

Q : Is this your first time in Malaysia? 
A : Yes, its fun and yesterday I saw lot of people here that are friendly and welcoming.

Q : What has been the most challenging cosplay?
A : Every costume have its own difficultly. But for easier costume, it's more on the makeup and hair.

Q : Can you describe yourself in 3 words ?
A : Hungry, Funny and Crazy (no, no I'm cool)

Q : How do you maintain your figure?
A : I love cosplay and I'll do my best to make it look as similar as it is.

Q : You've been invited to many country's, what do you find most difficult 
A : Language. But usually there are fun more than difficulties. Also, culture.

Q :  If there's a character you like that does not suit you, would you still cosplay?
A : Still going, there's this character which had a long forehead but I have small forehead so I decided to cut my hair. I try to do my best.

Q : Which country you would want to go?
A : Netherlands

Q : Of all the countries you've been to, which one is your favorite?
A : I like every country I've been to. I love the culture and learn it too.

Q : Of all your cosplays of the past, which is the most satisfied?
A : There isn't one. Whenever I look at my picture, I'm still not satisfied.

Q : Which part of the cosplay do you focus more on?
A : Every part, combination of everything. Because when you do photography session, you will see everything. Usually, the fans will see my face only.

Q : Is there any cosplayers that you want to work with together?
A : There's no one in mind now but if there is somebody that match up with me then I would like to work with him/her.

Q : For somebody who just started watching anime, what anime that you personally like that you want to reccomend? 
A : Doraemon to watch and Totoro (Studio Ghibli films)

Q : Do you have any words of encouragement to those cosplayers that want to follow your steps?
A : People came upon cosplay because they do like that specific character, even though the character is difficult to do, just go for it and do your best.

Xrystal is a Cosplayer from Singapore. She was originally an online CG-artist and STILL an anime/manga fan, moved on to Cosplaying in 2004 out of curiosity.  Similar to every freshman, she started from buying costumes but gradually learn to make her own costumes & props to cut cost (and last-minute event rush!).

Q : What inspired you to get started on cosplay?
A : I used to be very much in the doujin circle, but not very much already. I used to draw my own
characters, manga and cg art published before. I find it quite tiring so I decided to try something new.

Q : What was your first cosplay?
A : I was actually into visual kei back then, my first and second is actually Kana. She's not really a visual kei, but cute in a rock style. She's also a model for the Gothic & Lolita Bible  (a magazine). She's actually fixed model and I saw her and started to cosplay her.

Q : Since you've cosplay, do you make your own clothes or buy the clothes?
A : Most of the time I prefer to make my own because I'm particular about the fabric and I want to make sure that it fits me. If its a generic one, example a jacket or one coat then those are the ones I'll probably buy.

Q : So do you tend to visualize the cosplay first or go out there and make it first?
A : I would usually study all the illustrations first, then I would have an idea of what kind of texture and color, fabrics. There are a few shop I'm quite familiar with, such as fabrics best in different shops. Even the shop owners will help in giving me ideas, probably ask "What are you going to do?", "What type of effect are you going for". So I'll set one day just go looking for fabrics. I like to go out with a list and follow the list.

Q : Which cosplay is the most tricky and you felt like giving up but manage to pull it together?
A : I have so many costumes, don't think I can remember. The one that really drags the long time would be the Vampire Knight's Kaname because when I got into the series, it just started and there weren't any merchandise. There was this detail on Kaname's outfit that I went hunting for about 6 months to find it. I remember during that time, TaoBao just started selling the whole outfit but I don't like the look out it so I PM the seller and asked if I could just buy the silver thing from it and they actually agreed.

Q :  Do you feel accomplished after finishing up the Kaname's outfit?
A : Actually it's not about the accomplishment, it's more like I want it to fit me. Because when its not customized for you, it might not look good on you.

Q : If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to yourself ? A : Actually I don't want to, because I believe everything I've encounter makes what's currently.

Q : Are you comfortable in huge crowds and what are your reaction when somebody recognizes you?
A : Actually I'm an introvert. Because if you ask me, at events I'll move very fast looking for my friends and sit at the corner and observe people. And if people recognizes me,  of course it will be very nice and say hi and take a photo. Usually those who approach me are those who I've interact on social sites and I would try to recall the person but unfortunately I can't unless they mention the name.

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Ending this coverage, our platform would like to thank the committee of Comic Fiesta 2013 letting us cover this spectacular event. Also, Comic Fiesta like I've said before, is a must attend event for all!