[Upcoming] Anime Music Festival 2014

"Anime Music Festival 2014" is an event exposing anime with its huge Malaysian following which shall comprise of two concerts and a major cosplay competition. The concerts shall feature popular international artists such as Yuyoyuppe, Hachioji-P, Eir Aoi, Norihiko Hibino, Motsu x DJ Kaya.

"Anime Music Festival 2014" will be at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur on 24 and 25 May 2014.

Title: Anime Music Festival

Date: 24/5/2014 (Day 1)

Time: 8.30pm

Artist: Norihiko Hibino, Motsu x DJ Kaya

Tickets: 80,120,160,180,220

Date: 25/5/2014 (Day 2)

Time: 3pm

Artist: Eir Aoi, Yuyoyuppe, Hachioji-P

Tickets: 100,180,220,280,320

Details of event for 24/5/2014:

Norihiko Hibino
Born September 3, 1973) is a Japanese composer and saxophonist. He is best known for his work on the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders series. Along with Harry Gregson-Williams, he composed the soundtracks for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Hibino also teamed up with a Chinese producer to create Gentle Love, a light smooth jazz arrangement album of pop hits from China, Japan, and the US. Other activities included a panel at GDC 2009 about the game music business in Japan, two performance at the 2009 GANG Awards, performances of "Snake Eater" at Video Games Live in Singapore and Brazil, and a live performance of Gentle Love. It has also been announced that GEM Impact will be contributing to the score for the highly anticipated Bayonetta, due out at the end of the year from SEGA. He was also awarded the Berklee "Distinguished Alumni" award for his entrepreneurial spirit and use of music in unconventional ways to reach a new audience.

Motsu x DJ KAYA
Motsu is the party MC who keeps rocking the Anison and Japan culture events all over the world. DJ KAYA has hyped up the crowds at overseas events using hit medleys from Anison, VOCALOID, J-POP and dance music. The hottest Japanese Party MC and Party DJ have united to create a fever-pitched experience. This dream team is now available for everyone who wants to dance with the current Japanese music scene.

Details of event for 25/5/2014:

He is born in 1989. from Oarai-machi, Ibaraki. After forming a band in local Ibaraki, He started his activity as a VOCALOID Producer to have a flat listen to music. A debut for 2012 than YAMAHA MUSIC. Currently the view received for the his videos in youtube and niconico exceeds 10 million times. He is BABYMETAL's Sound Producer (He's created "Megitsune, Akumu no Rondo, UkiUki Midnight BABYMETAL DEATH") and formal Remixer. In addition, he created music to other Japanese idols. And also is done many collaboration with the voice actors. He also produces Remix and the original music as DJ activity. He have the band. He is vocalist from the emotional rock and hard core band. With a style that is not to be limited to only a genre, he received a lot of respect from rock scenes. His name as a sound producer spread worldwide by 2014/2/26 BABYMETAL having got the first place second place in overseas METAL charts such as iTMS U.S.A U.K DE. He has performed in Vietnam, Singapore, Chile, Taiwan, and also Philippines. Well loved by the fans abroad. And has appeared in music festivals such as "COUNTDOWN JAPAN" and "ROCK IN JAPAN" in Japan.

Dubbed as the 'Prince of Vocaloid music' on Japan's popular video sharing site 'Nico Nico Douga', Hachioji P is a an internationally recognized music creator, remixer and DJ of Vocaloid music.With a total view count of over 8million, Hachioji P's representative works 'Sweet Devil' and 'Electric Love' were made through a collaboration with MMD(Miku Miku Dance) and Producer Wakamura P. By having a distinctive style in producing dance music-based electric sounds and high quality video, this instantly pushed Hachioji P into Vocaloid World's Hall of Fame. Hachioji P's first major album 'Electric love' debuted on the Oricon charts at 11th in 2012. Over the years, his growing popularity is evident as his works has been featured on shows such as NHK's Weekly News, Good Morning Japan and Mr Sunday. His success also spanned across to Taiwan where his first release of single 'Sweet Devil' ranked 4th on the K-POP/J-POP Charts.
Following this success, his release of 'Electric Love' ranked 3rd on the K-POP/J-POP charts and 8th on the overall charts. Hachioji P has also collaborated with famous creators such as kz of livetune for the Playstation Vita software 'Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA -f' with the split release of 'Weekender Gir' and 'Fake Doll'. More recently, he has been involved in producing work for real vocalists such as Shouko Nakagawa, Hikari Shiina. He has also done arrangement work for Kikkawa Yuu, Watanabe Mayu (AKB48) and Hirano Aya. As a pro-active DJ, he has been featured at various concerts and conventions, including Rock in Japan Festival 2012/2013 and Countdown Japan 2012/2013. Overseas, he has played at Italy's Lucca Comics and Games and Singapore's Anime Festival Asia as well. Recently performing at Hawaii's Kawaii kon and Mexico's Expo TNT, Australia's Vocaloid Night, Korea's Animix. He released the newest album "ViViD WAVE" from TOY'S FACTORY in July 17, 2013. We can't take our eye off of his coming acts and works in 2014.

Eir Aoi
Eir Aoi was born in November 30th, from Hokkaido, Japan. In October 2011, she released her major debut single "MEMORIA" (Ending theme song of TV anime series "Fate/Zero"), and it reached at 8th spot in Oricon Weekly single hit chart in its first appearance. In September 2012, her second single "AURORA" (Opening theme song of TV anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -Three Generation Arc") was released, and in November her third single "INNOCENCE" (Opening theme song of TV anime series "Sword Art Online -Fairy Dance Arc-") was released and it reached at 6th spot in Oricon weekly single hit chart in its first appearance, and broke her past ranking in Oricon hit chart. Her long-waited full album "BLAU" was released on January 30th, 2013, and it reached at 4th spot in Oricon weekly album hit chart in its first appearance. She is greatly supported by foreign county's audiences, her Facebook page got over 250K Likes over the world. Her album "BLAU" was released/digital-distributed over 20 countries. She was appeared in big oversea anime festival such as "SAKURA-CON" held in Seattle, USA, "AnimagiC 2013" held in Bonn, Germany, and "Anime Festival Asia" held both in Indonesia, and in Singapore. On January 29th, in 2014, her long-waited 2nd full album "AUBE" will be released, and her new release tour (5 cities and 6 shows in Japan) was announced too. She will be one of the most talked-about singer of the world in 2014 and future.

Ticket Prices:

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