[Coverage] GOT7 First Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference

The Press Conference for GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in KL was held hours before the main event at KL Life Centre. Erama Creative as the organizer and main presenter of the event proudly presents GOT7 very 1st fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 21st March 2015. The boys got on stage ready for the press conference dressed in black and white. The MC greeted the boys in Korean and welcome them to Malaysia.

Q : Have you learned any Malaysian words?
GOT7 (Jackson) : Yes! Hi Malaysia, nama saya Jackson. (trans. My Name is Jackson)

Q : How do you guys feel having many fans coming for the 1st fan meeting in Malaysia?
GOT7 (JB) : This is our 2nd time in Malaysia after the "A" Music Video shooting. We are really happy that they are supporting us and liking us, also coming for the fan meeting.

Q : GOT7 Music Video "A" obtained millions of views , so what was it like filming in Malaysia, was it too hot?
GOT7 (BamBam) :  Yes, so hot.

Q : How many layers of clothes did you wear for the music video?
GOT7 (BamBam) : 3-4 layers.

Q : What's the season in Korea right now? 
GOT7 (JB) : A : It's summer in Korea. 

Q : Do your prefer the cold weather or do you prefer the hot weather?
GOT7 (BamBam) : Hot

Q : What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Malaysia?
GOT7 (BamBam) : Our music video "A". I'm from Thailand, I feel we're like brothers. Like family. 

Q : Are there any place in Malaysia you want to visit?
GOT7  (JB) : Some place that I can rest and chill. 

GOT7 released their full album December last year. 

Q : What kind of concept would you want to try for the next album?
GOT7 (BamBam & Jackson) : It will be a surprise.

Q: What's the biggest and most proud achievement since GOT7 debut?
GOT7 : When we won the rookie award.

Q : GOT7 is a multinational group group with different members coming from Korea, America, Thailand and HongKong, was there any communication problem when the members first met?
GOT7 : We all spoke in Korean. 

The MC praised GOT7 for knowing a variety of languages. He then proceeded to test it out joking. He started speaking Cantonese to Jackson, he then greeted BamBam in Thai, and he spoke English with an american accent with Mark. When it comes to Korea, the MC spoke random Korean word generating laughs. 

Q : After you guys finish your fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur, are there any future plans for a concert in Malaysia?
GOT7 (JB) : There's no plans yet but we'll try our best.

Q : What's your favorite Roommate episode so far? (Directed to Jackson)
GOT7 (Jackson) : It was when my parents came, I was so touched and emotional. I enjoyed it. 

Q : Besides singin and performing, you guys also do some acting and variety shows, which one is more challenging?
GOT7 (JB) : We can't really say which one is more easier, both of them are hard so we have to work on it.

Q : Do you guys experience stage fright and how do you deal with it?
GOT7 (BamBam) : Sometimes
GOT7 : You know when you get stage-fright, you heartbeat beats very fast, we try to change that as an interest.

Q : To those who have not been exposed to GOT7, What about GOT7 is so outstanding that would attract people from around the world?
GOT7 (Jackson) : Maybe we'll go beside their ears and say "I'm GOT7".

Q : What do you think of Malaysian fans?
GOT7 : When we first came to Malaysia, the fans followed us and they are very friendly also.

Our publication would also like to thank eRama.tv for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.