[Press Conference] GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore

The Press Conference for GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore was held hours before the main fan-meeting at Kallang Theater on 25th April 2015. The boys got on stage ready for the press conference dressed in white. The boys briefly introduced themselves. It was revealed that Junior, JB and Jackson have been in Singapore before. GOT7 consists of 7 members from Korea, China, United States and Thailand.

Q :  What’s your first impression of Singapore?
Junior : It’s a very beautiful and clean country. I also enjoy the weather.
BamBam : The trees is so big here. Fresh air.
Jackson : I’ve been here a few times, is it right we can’t chew gum here?

Q : Have you tried Singapore food? Are there any food you would want to try?
BamBam : It’s our first time here, we want to try it.

Q : Jackson became popular because of Roomate, would you guys be interested in trying out variety shows?
First of all, I would like thank Jackson who was on Roommate spreading the word – GOT7. I think we all would like to participate if given a chance because it’s a really good opportunity. I don’t think any of us would decline.

Q : What was the craziest fan experience you’ve encountered?
Jackson : The most passionate fans, they scream louder than the mics. I feel that passion from the stage.

Q : If you were chosen to join a show, what type of show?
BamBam : I would love to participate in a show where I have to move around a lot, active and running.
JB : I won’t mind any program but I would like to join a show where I can present my true self.

Q : If you receive a secret love letter, where would you choose to hide it? Options: In the closet, under the bed, behind a photo frame, between pages of the book or in the cookie jar.
Youngjae: In the stomach *laughs*
Yugyeom: Under the bed
Jackson: Under the bed
Jr: Between pages of the book
JB : Between pages of the book
Mark: In the closet
BamBam: In the cookie jar

Q : How often do you check your SNS?
Yugyeom : It all depends on each member, I update about once a month and I don’t really check all the comments.
Youngjae : I use to take part in SNS activities, but now I don’t have one. Even though I want to make comments to my fans, I can’t because I don’t use it anymore.
BamBam :  I read 70% of the comments and update during special events such as birthdays.

Q : How do you overcome challenges? Do you all think of the solution as a group or do you usually just follow the leader?
Jackson : We have own opinions but finally the conclusion, he would conclude it. He would be the last one to confirm the situation. The leader would solve the problem.

Q : Of all your songs, which songs do you identify with and if you get a chance to produce your own music, what type of music would you venture into?
JB : The song, GIMME, I can relate to the lyrics, and if I could produce an album, it would be an R&B album.
Yugyeom : It’s really about the lyrics, but I like the song STAY, and if I want to produce an album, it would be R&B.

Youngjae : The song I can relate to is Stop, Stop It, from our Identity album and if I were to produce an album it would have sad music and sad lyrics.

Our publication would also like to thank Leap IMS for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.