[COVERAGE] GOT7 First Fan Meeting in Singapore

Fans screams in excitement as the light dims as an intro-video played of GOT7. The intro-video featured each member’s name on screen which made the fans pumped up for the event. The boys dressed in white emerged and perform their recent title track – “STOP STOP IT (하지하지마)”. Expect to see GOT7 all hype up when they perform as they danced and sung energetically. Following up, the boys perform “GIMME” which sends screams across the theatre. As they went backstage, their debut music video – “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” and “A” played on the screen. The fans showed their passion as they sang along. The MC then greets the fans and welcomes GOT7 back on stage as the crowd continues to scream in adoration welcoming the boys to Singapore.

GOT7 greeted the fans with their signature greeting. As each of the member introduce themselves, the screams became louder. The MC then proceeded to ask the boys questions such as “Who’s the most talkative member?” in which the members pointed at Jackson. However Junior stepped in and said “Jackson is active and funny. The one that talks a lot is BamBam”. BamBam replied with “I don’t know how to close my mouth”. The next question asked is “Who’s the most beauty conscious member?” the majority of the members pointed at BamBam. “Who’s the slowest member?” – The boys pointed at Junior. Jackson joking stated that he’s not there which made the fans burst into laughter. Junior defended himself with a sudden burst of English “Just relax”. “Who’s the cutest member?” – BamBam immediately did aegyo towards the fans. “Who’s the member that can’t act cute at all?” – They expressed that there are 2 members that can’t act cute. It turns out to be leader, JaeBum and youngest member, Yugyeom. JaeBum showcased his aegyo awkwardly that left him on the floor. Yugyeom acting cute and then falling to the floor in embarrassment. “Who’s the best dancer?” – Yugyeom danced as Jackson beatbox, JaeBum up next showcased his break-dance moves and Youngjae danced the dougie.

The first game of the night was a modelling game. Lucky fans chosen will be walking with a member and pose. The winner will get a photo taken with their favorite Got7 member.  Jackson living up to his wild and sexy image removes his jacket and passes it to the girl. JaeBum kneels down for the girl and Junior walked arm linked with his fan and hugged her which sends screams. At the end of the game, BamBam and his fan received the most screams in which they became the winner. Autographed posters were given to the participants. In between, Jackson, Junior and JaeBum picked a lucky winner from the audience to get a signed album. The happy fans got all excited.

The boys then continued the fan meeting with a heartfelt performance of “Moonlight ()” and “Forever Young” which demonstrate their vocals. The next segment of their fan meeting is another game session. The game required the lucky fans to be blind folded and the members randomly changed positions and by their voice, the fans have to guess. Additionally, Singapore IGOT7s prepared a special video for the boys continuing with BamBam’s birthday celebration in Singapore. The fans sang Happy Birthday. BamBam jokingly said “I cannot cry because I'm wearing lens right now”.

The boys then said some final words for the fans before wrapping up their fanmeeting.
Yugyeom :”I love you!”
Youngjae : “Yes, I don’t speak English. Singapore IGOT7 love you la!”
Jackson : “Instead of us standing on stage getting a round of applause, our IGOT7 should give yourself a round of applause!”
JB : “Thank you so much for coming here today, we’ll continue to work hard as long as you stay there for us”
Junior : “It’s sad that we can't really see the people on the 2nd floor. Next time, we’ll have a concert!”
Mark : “You’re going to wait till we come back next time right? See you guys soon.”
BamBam : “I just want to say you guys are amazing and I really love you guys. I’ll be yours forever.” 

The boys went on and sang their title tracks “A” and debut song “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” revealing their charismatic side and amazing vocals accompanying their talent for dance. As the fan meeting ended, the crowd screams for an encore. The boys returned back on stage and ended the night with another upbeat track - “BOUNCE”. They once again thanked their fans for coming and ended the night. GOT7 although just debuted a year ago, has much potential and with their growing fan-base, this is a group that will definitely stay in the K-pop scene for a long time. No surprise if they are back with a bigger stage next time! 

Our publication would like to thank LEAP IMS for the opportunity to cover this event.