Gyeonggi-do Korean Food Fair 2015, organised by the Shin Sun Mi Korean Market in Malaysia and supported by Korean government, will be held at Setia City Mall, Atria shopping gallery@Damansara and Tropicana City Mall.  
Riding on the popularity of the Korean Wave, Korean Food lovers is getting more and Korean Food Fair will be on a bigger scale compared to the previous year.   

Located in the mid-western part of the Korea, Gyeonggi Province(do) is the area facing the mountains and the west sea. Therefore, Gyeonggi-do has plenty of seafood and agricultural products from active dry-field farming and fruit farming.  

This exhibition will be promoting Gyeonggi-do agricultural products including Korea Anseong Mushrooms and Korea Peaches. We are also selling Korean noodles, Kimchi and Korean snacks. Besides, there will have Korean food demo & tasting for visitors to discover the real taste of Gyeongi-do.  

And also, they will have various K-POP performance to bring more fun and entertainment to audiences.