[Press Conference] K-live Sentosa in Singapore + GOT7

Southeast Asia’s first dedicated K-pop holographic theaterK-live Sentosa, officially launches in Singapore today. In its inaugural foray outside of South Korea, K-live Sentosa will be located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Waterfront. Embracing cutting edge technology, the attraction features high-tech holographic content starring popular Korean pop stars such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7. Designed to make visitors feel like they’re attending a real-life concert, the experience is made even more engaging with the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies and a myriad of special effects.  

 To keep visitors and K-pop fans continually engaged, the holographic content for K-live Sentosa will be updated every six months, releasing new virtual songs from the top trending K-Pop artists.
A press conference was held alongside the launch of K-Live Sentosa.

Mr. Sean Park, Chief Creative Officer of HOLOTIVE GLOBAL was present for the official launch on the 23rd February. Mr Sean Park is the Chief Creative Officer of HOLOTIVE Global, where he is responsible for conceptualizing and creating the life-like holographic technology for K-live Sentosa.

Q : Was the technology used for the hologram developed in Singapore or brought in from Korea?
The technology was developed in Korea, and it took about a year. There were about 100 staffs that work hard developing it. For example, on the first day, they hardly slept and eat. Because making a hologram requires a lot more detail and work, it is stressful. Those staffs that were making charge of the scene, they know amount of hair they have on Got7.

Q : Why is Singapore chosen to set up the Kpop Hologram Theatre after Korea?
There are so many countries that love this Hallyu wave however there’s only a selection of countries. We think that Singapore has this quality where the East and the West meets. It suits this concept of Kpop Hologram Theatre very well.

Q : Is there any difference between the hologram show in Singapore and in Korea?
In Korea, the audience is seated while watching the hologram. However here in Singapore, it's very cozy and the lighting is awesome with lasers, bubbles and snow. It's much more fun here when you start dancing and standing watching. The stage in Korea doesn't move, but here in Sentosa, it actually moves. The hologram film is actually transparent and is tilted at 45 degree angle. To move the stage, it requires a high technology. The strength to pull the film from up and down, 300 kg. Even if you touch it a little bit, it will break. It was so delicate, to move it safely was a very difficult task. 

GOT7 also made a special appearance to promote K-Live Sentosa. GOT7 is an uprising K-pop group with 7 members consisting of JB, Junior, Bam Bam, Yugyeom, Mark, Youngjae and Jackson. However, Jackson was unable to attend due to health issues therefore the rest of the members grace the shores of Singapore to launch K-Live Sentosa. The boys were dressed in chic black and took on questions from the press.

Question : How do GOT7 bridge the gap with the fans through the Hologram Theatre?  
JB : I think having this hologram concert allows more people to get to know us and there are more opportunity that we can showcase ourselves to the audience.  
I really hope that through this hologram concert, we can show our real self and better ourselves.

Question : How does it feel about the hologram versions of themselves?
BamBam : It was amazing and exciting. Initially, it was green screen and it was an overall amazing experience.

Question : What are the difficulties when filming for the hologram?
Mark : The most difficult part of filming the hologram was when pretending there was audience when we film. There were only cameras and cameraman arounds us. It was difficult to bring out that energy you have on stage.

K-live Sentosa will offer two types of shows for visitors:

The full package comprises a 10-minute live performance, which includes Flying (Korean Modern Dance) or Ego (Krump), and a 5-minute behind-the-scenes look into the production of a holographic concert.
'Krump' is one of the many branches of Hip-Hop. It combines both the dynamic movements of Krump and traditional Korean soul, it is a story of identity diffusion - two souls intertwined in battle to find its genuine soul.
'Flying' interprets the sequence of The Black Swan's longing to be The White Swan. The Black Swan continually attempts to free itself from the darkness and spread its wings freely.
This is followed by the 30-minute Holographic Concert (more details on the concert below).
This package starts with a 5-minute Jin-do Drum Dance in holographic form, followed by the 5- minute behind-the-scenes look into the production of a holographic concert. Then, it's what fans have been waiting for - the 30-minute Holographic Concert, with a line-up of today's hottest K-Pop stars performing their hit singles every day. The show includes top hits like 2PM's "Hands Up", Wonder Girls' "I Feel You" and "Girls Girls Girls" by GOT7.
This traditional Korean Dance originated from Jin-do, a province in Jeolla-nam-do. It is known for its dynamic drum beat which blends both masculine dynamics and feminine delicateness.

K-live Sentosa's daily performance schedule is as follows:
10:00 - 10:40
Hologram Concert
11:00 - 11:40
Live Dance Performance (Krump) + Hologram Concert
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 13:40
Hologram Concert
14:00 - 14:40
Live Dance Performance (Korean Modern Dance) + Hologram Concert
15:00 - 15:40
Hologram Concert
16:00 - 16:40
Live Dance Performance (Krump) + Hologram Concert
17:00 - 17:40
Hologram Concert
18:00 - 19:00
19:00 - 19:40
Live Dance Performance (Korean Modern Dance) + Hologram Concert
20:00 - 20:40
Hologram Concert

Tickets to K-live Sentosa can be purchased at SISTIC,Resorts World Sentosa's website or at K-live.
Ticket Type
Full Package (SGD)
Hologram Concert (SGD)
Adult (Ages 13 to 59)
Child (Ages 4 to 12)
Senior (Ages 60 & above)
Students (Ages 13 to 19)*
*For student rate, please proceed on-site to K-live ticket booths with valid student ID in person.