[Coverage] Welcoming 2017 with HALO & MAP6

MAP6 exploded on stage with their first performance of "Whistle" making the crowd go wild as they lay their eyes on the five member boy group. The boys were dressed casually chic and greeted the fans in Mandarin impressively. On stage, MAP6 reveals that they have prepared a special stage for their fans. Member Sign thanked the fans and said it was really nice to meet you in Mandarin as well. MAP6 expressed that this moment on stage with the fans is a very meaning time and that they want to cherish it and last forever. The boys also shared their memorable moment in Malaysia was when we were invited to a local radio station and was given a local food to try and it was really delicious. Additionally, MAP6 shared that a memorable moment is also meeting the Malaysian fans. The boys of MAP6 showcase their electrifying dance moves in a special dance performance garnering screams across the venue and performing the energetic song titled "Storm". 

The boys mentioned that the special dance performance is particularly made for this event. MAP6 shows variety in their live singing abilities in addition to their dance moves, and have talent in speaking in Japanese amd Mandarin. The boys captured the hearts of Malaysian fans by saying "Saya Sayang Kamu!". They continued to express that they will love to return to Malaysia as next year MAP6 will be releasing an all new album. The boys truly showcase their friendliness side when they sang "Rasa Sayang" for their Malaysian fans. 

Their youthfulness vibrantly shines on stage as they performed their Japanese songs titled "Cover With Love" and "Love Story". The game session gives the fans an opportunity to play a game on stage. Each member picked a fan and they would dance a short cover and the best duo would win. For MAP6, the winner was J.Vin and his fan! All participating fans were gifted with an autographed poster but winner won a photo with the group and an album as well. MAP6 ended their stage performances with a boyfriend concept song titled "Push and Pull" and the upbeat song "Swagger Time". 

This is not over of course because YiPin Studio invited another K-group for fans to enjoy! It's the 6-member boy group - HALO. The emerged from the darkness and appeared on stage performing for the first time in Malaysia "Mariya" bringing the excitement throughout the crowds of fans. "Surprise" is next on their list, bringing their synchronized performance live for their fans. HALO then performed "Come On Now", a chic track paired with adorable dance moves that would mesmerized anybody watching. Member Dino shared that they loved it here in Malaysia because it's Summer all year long. As it's their first time in Malaysia, member In Haeng said that it's an honor to be performing for their Malaysian fans. HALO said that although the schedule was tight, the KLCC Twin Towers were wonderful. Member Dino is interested to try Malaysian traditional food and shared that all the members of HALO enjoys spicy food. 

The boys of HALO made the crowd go wild as they said "I'll wait for you" in Mandarin and speaking a couple of Malay phrases. They went on and performed a soft pop track titled "We, Pure" from their 2nd mini album with their sweet vocals as they stood on stage looking out towards their crowds of fans. Following on is their performance of "Nothing On You" from their 3rd mini album. HALO performed "Feel So Good", a dance song that describes the feeling of a first love. The boys electrified the stage with "While You're Sleeping". HALO ended their performance with their debuted song "Fever", bringing the heat from their energetic performance towards their fans. 

The game session with HALO and the fans were a success! The same rules apply for HALO's game session and the winner was member Dino and his fan who won a photo with the group and album. All the participating fans were given a signed poster to commemorate their interaction with HALO. 

HALO thanked their fans and hope that they enjoyed their performances tonight! MAP6 regrets that there wasn't enough time to show more of their performances but also hope that the Malaysian fans had fun with their performances. The both groups are looking forward to hopefully return to Malaysia some time in the future. Ending the event, there was a countdown towards 2017 with both groups with their fans, welcoming the new year! The event ended with a surprise birthday cake for MAP6's Sum and HALO's Dino. It was truly a great way for K-pop fans to welcome 2017 with a fansign in which fans were able to get up close with both K-pop groups, MAP6 and HALO organized by YiPin Studio.