[Press Con] MAP6 and HALO's New Year Eve K-pop Party 2017

MAP6 and HALO welcome the 2017 New Year with an exciting party for K-pop fans. Proudly present by YiPin Studio, fans were able to experience a close to 2016 with memorable performances by not just one but two dashing and talented groups from Korea. The two groups shared their New Year’s resolution as well. We got up close and personal with both of the groups the day before their main event, check out what they shared with their Malaysian fans!

MAP6 shares that they will cherish their moments here in Malaysia because they’ll be spending their New Year’s here and hopefully to see more of the fans in the coming Year. HALO expresses that they’ll be preparing a new album for 2017 and hopefully to return back to Malaysia.
MAP6 is a group debuted back in 2015 with five members consisting – Minhyuk, J.jun, Sign, Sun and J.Vin.
Q : Is this the first time for MAP6 to be present in Malaysia?
MAP6 : Yes it’s our first official visit and we are very pleased to be here. I’m surprised with the warm hospitality from our Malaysian fans. Thank you!
Q : We’ve heard your introduction in Mandarin, are you all learning the language?
MAP6 : I heard Chinese is quite prominent here and we prepared speaking in Chinese to communicate with the Malaysian fans.
Q : Besides the Mandarin language, did MAP6 learn the Malay language?
MAP6 : We’ve prepared a Malay song! *sings the Malaysian song* - (Rasa Sayang).
When the MC asked if the boys knew the meaning of “Rasa Sayang”, the boys replied with “Yes of course! It’s about “I can feel your definite love”.”  Since landing in Malaysia, MAP6 reveals that they have visited Berjaya Times Square from the promotional tour and OneFM Studio.
Q : How do you feel to experience the Malaysian fans here screaming and supporting MAP6?
MAP6 : It feels great to interact with a lot of fans and their reaction is amazing!
Q : What can we expect for the tomorrow?
MAP 6 : There will be special stages prepared only for the fans! Please look forward to it!

HALO consists of 6 members – Dino, In Haeng, Ooon, Jae Yong, Hee Cheon and Yoon Dong. The group debuted back in 2014 and the breakdown of their group name means “Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization.”
Q : How do you feel about Malaysia?
HALO : It’s great because we’re able to interact with our fans.
When asked if it’s their first time, Jae Yong mentioned that back in 2010, he had visited Malaysia for a holiday but it’s HALO’s first official visit to the country.
Q : Are there any places in Malaysia, you would like to visit?
HALO : We’ve been wanting to Kuala Lumpur and now we’re here. The Twin Towers looked spectacular and we took photos!
Q : Have you had any chance to try Malaysian food?
HALO : We were given a local food to try at a radio station, it tasted really good but I can’t recall the name.
Q : Are there any foodie among the members?
HALO : *points to member – Dino*
Q : Are there any special performances for the Malaysian fans tomorrow?
HALO : The stages we prepared tomorrow will be special for our Malaysian fans and hope you all enjoy it.