[Interview] Malaysia's hidden gem "Nadhira"

Nadhira Shamsuri is a Malaysian based singer known for her soulful yet sweet voice. Audience can expect new music from Nadhira soon, she's currently working on an EP and it will to be released this coming year. She mentioned she's thrilled to be collaborating with local artists for the upcoming EP. Nadhira's music style is versatile and can appeal to people of other cultures, when asked if she has any plans to hold a showcase in other countries, she explained that she would love to hold a new showcase in a different country, although she shared that she had the opportunity to perform in countries like Canada, Australia, and France. "I think once I release my new EP, and more singles, I’ll be able to plan properly for a showcase." 

Which song you've released that personally defines you?
I would say “Do It Again”, “Feel That” and “Tear Us Apart” Those 3 songs really resonate with me on a personal level.

Nadhira has branched out to an acting career with an Indonesian movie titled "Senja". She's definitely open to more acting gigs.When asked how she sees herself as an artist in the Malaysian entertainment industry, she stated "I think I’ve been a tad bit quiet for the last few years, just kind of stepping back a little bit and recharging myself. I definitely see myself as an indie artist, threading the edge of the mainstream scene…but barely there!". As a budding singer, she expressed that there were challenges tied to releasing an English song such as trying to get her music out to the people outside of Kuala Lumpur. 

"It is to make songs that people can relate to as well, and since the mass market are more favorable towards Malay songs, it’s best you reach them with a Malay song if you want to reach mass market! Since most my songs are in English, I don’t reach as much people as I want to in Malaysia. Maybe what I need to do next is sing more Malay songs." 

What is that X factor that differs your music from other Malaysian artists?
I’m not sure really, maybe the fact that I wasn’t brought up in this country, growing up. In terms of music, there have been emerging artists whose music direction is the same as mine..so I can’t really say.

In the age of social media, how do you go about and widen your audience?
It would have to be through platforms like IG, people love seeing photo’s. I guess you have to be really creative with your posts to get more likes and follows. My FB as well serves as a platform to reach out to more people because you can advertise by paying and you can choose who you want to target to.

What's your motto in life to keep you going?
Always be present. To everything around you, that way you appreciate life better because you are always in the moment.

How do you relax after a long day?
I either take a reallllly long nap or just laze on the couch and watch TV. I used to swim a lot to relax but now that seems more like a chore to me. Haha

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