Tokio Hotel's path to The Dream Machine

Tokio Hotel is undoubtedly a band that still stand strong among the youth. Tokio Hotel has evolved with each album and introducing their latest album, "The Dream Machine". The boys mentioned how this is their dream album in which they had control over their sound and style of the music. The rock band has outgrew their previous album phases and brought out their distinctive electronic style of music to the audience. However their new music initially did not sit well with a number of their fans. Many has spoken out about the boys subjecting to the mainstream. Their change in music showcased their ability to appeal to different types of audiences while staying true themselves. 

Incorporating Synth-wave as an occurring theme in each track, surprisingly binds lead vocalist, Bill Kaulitz to the music harmoniously. Neon lights, retro futuristic and aesthetically pleasing is the current Tokio Hotel.