Ringing in 2018 with Black6ix

Malaysian k-pop fans were able to celebrate their New Year's Eve with a bang! Organized by YiPin Studio - Korean boy group Black6ix had showcases across Penang and Kuala Lumpur for a promo tour. Black6ix debuted early spring back in 2017 and the boys are fueled with passion and potential. The members - The-King, Yey, Yong Seok, Yong Woon, Ziki and Tae Young. Their promo tour have nicely showcased their appeal and talents to the audience. Incorporating dance covers, humour and of course their singing. The boys started the show with a performance of their single "Like a Flower", a pop dance track paired with an energetic choreography. Following on, the boys expressed they are happy to be meeting their Malaysian fans. Member Yey send screams across the crowd when he started greeting the fans in their native language, Malay.

Black6ix showed their synchronized dance expertise with their cover of BTS's Fire and DNA. In addition to their heart pumping tracks, the next song they performed was "Universe", a soft pop track that brings to view their boyish charms and melodious vocals. The fans of Black6ix were given a chance to get close to the group with a game session in which the chosen fan would wear headphones with a K-pop song blasting and the individual would have to sing it towards her team mate and the Black6ix member would have to find out what song she's singing. It was an engaging moment for the group to get to know a little more of their Malaysian fans with a touch of fun!

Black6ix expressed their love for Malaysian food when they mentioned, they enjoyed the spicy national dish - Nasi Lemak. Member Yey and Yong Seok flaunt their beat-box talent and additionally adding humor to their entertainment appeal. Member The King and Ziki excited the crowd with a rap battle, showcasing their skills as rappers. At the end of their show, Black6ix shared that they are happy to see fans from their yesterday's showcase and also new fans that attended this show. They hope the fans will continually support the group in the future as well, ending with a grateful thank you to the audience. The show closed with their performance of their debut single "Please", a haunting tune with a magnetic charm.