EXO PLANET #4 The ElyXiOn in Kuala Lumpur

The hottest K-pop boy band EXO is set to return to Kuala Lumpur with their fourth World Tour - EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn on 7th July at 5pm at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil. This mega concert was thrust into limelight when announced and has made quite a splash across newspapers, magazines and social medias worldwide.

This mega concert was held in Seoul with three-night concerts in November last year, housing a whopping 66,000 audiences. The group then traveled to Japan, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and Manila, with tickets all snapped up in a flash.

The “EℓyXiOn”, inspired by the word “Elysium” is to symbolize an ideal space habitat of perfect happiness where only the chosen ones are granted entry. Hence, the theme of the concert will see EXO members in search of the ideal land, presented through a splendid stage production that will promise a world-class lighting and visual effects.

Selling more than million albums for 4 albums consecutively, EXO crowned quadruple Million Seller and have been named "the biggest boyband in the world" and the "Kings of K-pop" by media.

Organized by Star Planet with the support of Malaysia Major Events and sponsored by 100PLUS this upcoming Malaysia gig will be full of fantastic joy.

The official ticket launch event has been scheduled on 12 May at the Atria Shopping Gallery.

韩国男子天团EXO确定在7月7日,下午5点,携带四巡演唱会EXO PLANET#4 the EℓyXiOn席卷吉隆坡武吉加里尔Axiata Arena室内体育馆。

EXO PLANET#4 The EℓyXiOn去年11月在首尔以一连三场演出打响首炮,超强号召力成功引来6万6千人出席朝圣。巡演还陆续在各大亚洲城市掀起抢票风潮,包括了日本福冈市与埼玉市,台北,新加坡,曼谷与马尼拉。

四巡的主题“EℓyXiOn” 灵感源于“Elysium”,象征一个只有真命天子才能踏入的理想完美乐园。因此,演唱会当中,EXO成员们将透过世界级的舞台制作与酷炫的视听效果,表达出寻找此完美乐园的意境。

EXO连续四张专辑各销售超过百万张,上榜世界最畅销专辑列表,并被媒体评选为“全球最强男子团体” 及 “韩流之王” 等美誉。

由星艺娱乐主办,100PLUS为主要官方赞助商,Malaysia Major Events鼎力支持,EXO PLANET#4 The EℓyXiOn 门票首卖会落定5月12日,于吉隆坡Atria Shopping Gallery 盛大举行。