[INTERVIEW] Get to know the budding singer-songwriter "Robinson"

Nothing to Regret has been streamed over 30 million times on Spotify, bringing light to the budding singer song writer Robinson from New Zealand. Collaborating with big-name producers (Joel Little and Sam De Jong), Robinson expressed it was an enjoyable experience working with them forming a great working relationship. She mentioned Larzz Principato also worked on the track. All of them brought something different on to it. She states production could make or break a song, thus expressed gratitude to have the producers amazingly worked on Nothing to Regret. Robinson has done a couple of songs with Sam De Jong. She hopes to work with Joel again in the future and go back to New York to work with Larzz as well.

What's your process of creating new music? Do you try out something new each time or stick with what you know?
"I think with music it’s really cool because I guess it’s sort of a heat of a moment thing sometimes. I think its always different. At times I’m inspired by words or the melody will come first. Depending on the mood I’m in and what I’m writing about, it’s different every time I do it."

You’ve made singles and EPs, are there future plans for an upcoming album?
"I have so many songs now, I can’t imagine not putting it all onto the album. The focus now is just releasing singles which will go towards an album in the next year. I think, but that’s the goal."

While working towards the album, she highlights the importance of a well-rounded piece of work, and it’s important to her to have a range of different songs in it. Along with the carefree, pop tracks, she also would like to show an emotional side with a heartfelt ballad.

Robinson was born in Greymouth, a small town in New Zealand’s South Island. Having family supporting her interest towards music gave her confidence. In high school, she expressed that she had an incredible music teacher who’s supportively encouraged and empowered her to write, sing and have faith in oneself when performing in front of an audience. Robinson expressed appreciation towards the people around her including her manager who've helped developed her writing skills and confidence to perform. 

What are the challenges you've faced when trying to pursue music?
"I think looking back, I sort of did not know how to get in to the music industry. However, I knew I wanted to do and write music. I look at my favorite artists and think gosh I want to be that too. Coming from a small town, you kind of have no idea of what it takes to get into the music industry. My manager put me on board, the management team showed me what the music industry is and how to go about writing, recording and working with other people."

"If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, no matter what obstacles comes your way, you can always push through."

In regards to her music video - Nothing to Regret, Robinson imagined the music video with young, happy and carefree vibes and was grateful to the director who captured the essence of the music on to the screen.

How important is music in relation to the visuals of a music video?
"It’s important the visual side of the music. It brings a whole another part of the music to life. The biggest thing is to have a director who understands your vision and is very clear. I’m lucky to have  Morgan, she was absolutely incredible with her treatment for the video. Exactly as how I imagine in my head, she nailed it."

You've portrayed various expressions in Nothing to Regret music video. If given a chance, would you step into acting?
"Probably not. Singing and writing songs is something I absolutely love and have a passion about. But when I was younger, I wanted to be an actress but I don't know if I'm cut out for it. If it’s a role on Riverdale then I’ll change my mind."

Robinson shares that she wants audience and listeners to feel authenticity from her music. To be able to feel vulnerable and honest are essential. Robinson certainly wants the people to connect with her music and find parts of themselves within it.

When asked if there are plans for an Asia Tour, she expressed her interest. She also talked to her manager about wanting to pursue it but nothing has been confirmed yet. Robinson stated there are plans for a possible UK tour, therefore keep updated with Robinson’s social media for more news regarding tour dates.

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