Midnight Fusic is pleased to announce that its first extended play (EP) ‘When Love Was Around’ is set for a 20 July, 2018 release.

‘When Love Was Around’ is the Petaling Jaya-based alternative rock act’s first EP release, with includes a double-single (the title track, and ‘Flowers’) — an assured statement that follows their two successful singles in the past year, ‘Heart Of May’, which charted the top spot on Hitz.fm MET10, and ‘Lovesick’, with over half a million plays on Spotify. The six-track EP’s sessions were recorded in Jakarta, in March, shortly after the release of ‘Lovesick’, with the boys writing the songs at home for the better part of last year, in the gaps between sitting for SPM (and IGCSE).

The four-piece — founding members Raja Arif Aizudin on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Adrian Danial, lead guitarist; and Firdaus Azmi on bass and Muaz Rabbani on drums — is on the fast rise in the region’s alternative, indie rock scene. ‘When Love Was Around’ is an apt description for the EP, which weaves a story of love, loss and longing, juxtaposed against a soundscape of buoyant beats, gauzy, jangly guitar lines and inflections of sleek funk.

Effortlessly accessible, while embracing existential fears, ‘When Love Was Around’ EP is an act of catharsis, and an embodiment of what it means to be truthful about heartbreak and sadness.

The title track — the first of the EP — evokes the oscillation between extremes of clarity and confusion, in an attempt to overcome a past relationship. Setting the tone for the rest of the record, the next track ‘Off My Mind’ captures the feeling of unrequited love to which anyone can relate.

“Sometimes, you fall too deeply in love. Sometimes, you fall so quickly out of love,” Arif says, commenting on ‘Off My Mind’. “You know, when you feel like you’re only clapping with one hand.”

Meanwhile, fourth track ‘Flowers’ explores the themes of anxieties, and uncertainties. Describing it as “a dark one”, Arif says ‘Flowers’ is about “what people don’t see, and what people don’t hear” from a person who is battling depression.

‘Time Machine’, the closing track on the EP, is inspired by conversations about wishing you could travel back in time to change something, especially when regretting a situation.

Track titles such as ‘Lovesick’, ‘Off My Mind’ and ‘When Love Was Around’ reveal the boys’ emotions with a single line or lyric, speaking volumes of strength found in vulnerability; it is evident that they do not feel the pressures of a performance of masculinity, as per gender conformity. On these tracks, one can hear the eclectic, lyrical and melodic influences of The 1975, The Neighbourhood, and The Smiths.

“There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that we can reach out to people who relate to our lyrics, through our music, and on an emotional level,” Arif says, about the release of the EP. “The expectations can be a little overwhelming, but we wouldn’t want it any other way because the pressure pushes us to become better every passing day. We’re always trying to be 100 per cent for our listeners and our fans, and we thank them so much for all the love and support that they’ve given us. It’s truly humbling.”

Midnight Fusic will play the three-day music festival, We The Fest 2018 in Jakarta, alongside SONY Music artists the likes of Alt-J, Miguel, SZA, and The Neighbourhood. Midnight Fusic takes the stage on 22 July.

Track listing:
1.     When Love Was Around
2.     Off My Mind
3.     Heart Of May
4.     Flowers
5.     Lovesick
6.     Time Machine

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