[COVERAGE] K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Brought To You By Mcalls set the night ablaze with KPOP!

K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Brought To You By Mcalls is back once again with multiple K-POP stars gracing and entertaining on stage in Malaysia. Organised by MacpiePro and co-organised by MSR, the concert proves to be a success with 7,000+ attendees filling the stadium with excitement and fan chants. Bringing in a mix of new K-talent and pioneers of the K-pop scene, K-wave 3 brings out the charm of what K-pop offers. FTISLAND, EXID, MONSTA X, AOA, JEONG SEWOON, WJSN and BOYFRIEND set the stage ablaze.

The night started with the 2016 debuted girl group – (우주소녀)WJSN performing Dreams Come True, Secret, I wish and Starry Moment. The group holds true with the summer sweet concept dressed in white. WSJN brought the cosmos to the stage, enthralling fans as they sang along to their bubble-gum pop tracks.

Following next, is the fresh face of K-pop - Jeong Se-woon who participated in the third season of K-pop Star and Produce 101 Season 2. The singer proves to be multi-talented with songs ranging from tugging at one's heartstrings to heart pumping dance tracks.  Performing 20 SOMETHING, Toc,toc, Irony and the chart topping hit - Just U, bringing forth a range of talent that only Jeong Se-woon able to embody.

AOA, one of Korea’s top girl groups made their first appearance in Malaysia garnering screams across the stadium. All fans were cheering along and equally as excited as the girls themselves. AOA apologizes to the fans as one of their members “Mina” was hospitalized and was not able to perform. Known for their combination of sexy and cute concepts, their performance truly reflects with their recently released summer track Bingle Bangle. The girls sang their chart-topping hits such as Excuse Me, Bing Bing, Like A Cat, Miniskirt and Heart Attack. A total of 6 spectacular performances for their Malaysian fans!

The K-pop group, Boyfriend did not disappoint with their boyish charm in addition to their upbeat energy throughout the night. They performed a medley of their title tracks of Star, Obsession, I’ll be there and I Yah. The boys were playful on stage and giving tons of fan service to their Malaysian fans.

Another top girl group made their appearance during K-Wave 3, EXID. Once again, when EXID was introduced in the stadium, fans were ecstatic and screams could be heard in the whole stadium. The girls started off with their latest throwback to the 90s track - LADY. Followed by DDD, Night Rather Than Day, Ah Yeah, Hot Pink, UP & DOWN. EXID brought out the fan chants and cheering energy out with their head bopping songs – Ah Yeah, Hot Pink and UP & DOWN.

MONSTA X, a growing prominent boy group of KPOP, their stage presence was locked in with their Hip Hop and R&B songs attracting fans from all over the world, Malaysia included. Along with their hard-hitting choreography, the boys were keen on making the fans swoon over them with tracks such as DRAMARAMA, From Zero, White Love, Be Quiet, Special and Jealousy. A win for MONSTA X as they definitely won the hearts of the Malaysian fans.

Ending the night of K-Wave 3, one of the pioneer groups that introduce the Korean music to the world, FTISLAND made their stage appearance armed with their instruments ready to rock the crowed. Lead singer Hong Ki, brought K-Rock to Malaysia, there’s no doubt that the boys were passionate about their love of music. Fans of FTISLAND waited for their return to Malaysia and the wait was worth it with K-Wave 3. FTISLAND performed their latest tracks such as PRAY, Out of Love, Summer Night Dream, Champagne, The Night and Take Me Now.

The fun does not stop there as at the end of the concert, the MC revealed YG Entertainment very own IKON and WINNER will be making their way to Malaysia for a 2-day concert each on 13th and 14th October 2018 organized by MacpiePro with more added good news for K-pop fans in Malaysia. Stay tune for more!