Kim Jong Kook Singapore Fan Meet 2013

Venue: Kallang Theatre

Time: 8.00pm

It was a full house show. Audiences all wait patiently for Kim Jong Kook to be out. Lights went off and the emcee encourages us to shout Sparta after he said Kim Jong Kook loudly.

Finally Kim Jong Kook went out on stage performing "Today More Than Yesterday".
After singing he starts his greeting in English.

Emcee: First impression of Singapore?
KJK: Very clean and have big trees 
Emcee: Running Man has been to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macau, Thailand, when will you come to Singapore?
KJK: I'll ask my PD
Emcee: What are you busy with now?
KJK: My new album and Running Man!
Emcee: What is your impression on Singapore girls?
KJK: So hot!

The emcee teaches Kim Jong Kook 4 words that often use in Singapore.
Emcee: Let say you accidently bump into someone. You must say ‘paiseh’.
KJK: Paiseh
Emcee: The second word is people in Singapore, those sale person who want to call someone to buy their things. For man, they will call ‘yan dao’.
KJK: Yan Dao
Emcee: And for woman, we call ‘chiobu’
KJK: Chiobu.
Emcee: For the last one we Singapore call people who are blur blur – Sotong.
KJK: Sotong (in Korean it mean cow dung)
Emcee: Ok. So you say sotong only in Singapore.

By request of the emcee, Kim Jong Kook tore the emcee's name-tag.

12 lucky fans are invited on stage to play game with Kim Jong Kook. 
1st round is the flamingo one-legged hop game with KJK and have to get him out of the designate box. For the 2nd round is the tug of war game. KJK was being so polite that he said “Can I change side, I don’t want to show my butt to the audience”. There no winner or loser for this game and all the lucky fans get to take a photo with KJK. 2 lucky fans get a running man name-tag which KJK write in Korean and an autograph and he will stick the tags on their back.

Emcee: What is your ideal type of girl?
KJK: I haven’t met my ideal girl yet

Game 2 – Kim Jong Kook Ideal Girl.

Some lucky girl fans get to be on the stage. The girls are picked as closely to his ideal type and they have to convince KJK why they are his top ideal type! In order for KJK to choose he is ask to stand behind the girl that he have selected.

Game 3 - Song challenge.

 3 lucky fans get to be on stage. One of them turns out to be a 6 year old little boy. KJK first need to demonstrate 3 of his songs. Each of them is to sing a song out of the 3 songs. The winner goes to the little boy. KJK ask him to smile and the little boy smile specially to KJK(adorable).

Song 1 –Man Are All Like That
Song 2 - Don’t Be Good To Me
Song 3 – Letter

KJK: I prepared a lot of sings as it is my first time overseas and I was wondering what song will be the best to sing. You know Yoon Eun Hye from X-Men? She featured in the mv of this song
Song 4 - Saying I Love You

KJK: I hope to see you all again, hopefully with Running Man members. Thank you for coming today.

Song 5 – Lovable (everyone in the theatre stands up to sing and dance along with him)

After this song KJK went backstage but the audience call for an encore. KJK went back outside and sang one last song.

Song 6 – One man

Overall, it was a nice night spent with Sparta Kim Jong Kook. His characters just make him unique by himself and Mode Entertainment did a great job with the showcase.

Till next time,

Pictures taken by Mode Entertainment.