Ticket Launch for TVXQ! Live World Tour 'Catch Me'

Venue: 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza

Time: 11am – 3pm

Ticket Launch for TVXQ! Live World Tour 'Catch Me'. Cassiopeias queued up from yesterday to grab the tickets such as Premium Rock and VVIP (Standing and Seating) which is only available during Ticket Launch or you have to contact the organizer. Excited Cassiopeias showed their support by wearing red as the color red is the fandom's color. JPM Music did a fantastic job handling the queue.

Hera and Sap

Which ticket will you be buying?
RM 388 (P3)

What song do you want TVXQ to perform?

If you can ask them anything, what would it be?
Hera : Can I have you for a date?
Sap  : What's will be TVXQ plans in a few years time?

From which year, were you fans of TVXQ?
Hera : 2003
Sap  : 2005

First buyer! 
From what time did you line up?
Yesterday, 1PM

I help my friends to buy the ticket.
I waited 6 years already, this ticket is worth it.

Which member do you love?
All of them

 How many tickets did you buy?
11 Tickets! Others are for my friends

When did you became a Cassiopeia?

We an interview with the JPM Music organizer representative :-

What should the fans expect from the TVXQ! Live World Tour 'Catch Me' in Malaysia?
This is the first comeback tour after 6 years, and then also this a a comeback album. Last year they announce the our in Korea and Japan, tickets were sold out in minutes. TVXQ is the first K-Pop Group that came to Malaysia and they're a K-Pop legend. So the fans that has been following them for a long time and that this will be a 10 year anniversary. I hope every that everyone, even some fans are different from the current K-pop group and older K-Pop fans can enjoy the concert. The stage will be close to the fans. They will sing old and newer songs plus new choreography. Now TVXQ has became more matured, and the stage effects will be super good. 

How many songs will TVXQ perform or will that be a surprise?
We can't confirm all the songs but in Hong Kong, Changmin sang a Chinese song. But no matter what it is, the fans will definitively enjoy the event.

Since this is the first K-Pop Concert held by JPM Music, will JPM Music plans to continue to organize other K-Pop acts?
Yes, we actually start to tease a-bit in our website. 

The ticket launch was organized and fans came out with a smile on their face.
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