Twin Towers @Live Press Conference

Venue : Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Sign In Time : 2.00 PM

Artist that was present for the Press Conference was Demi Lovato, U-Kiss and Backstreet Boys. U-Kiss was the first. Followed by the lovely Demi Lavoto. And lastly was Backstreet boys.

Some questions that was asked to U-Kiss :-

When will U-Kiss have their first concert in Malaysia?
Kevin : We've always wanted a concert in Malaysia but nothing is planned just yet. I hope we can have one soon because I know our fans are waiting for a concert.

What was your most memorable/crazy fan meet in Malaysia since you've came about 4 times?
Kevin : Last time we came, one of the first time we came, I think it was during Sunway Lagoon. I remember we kinda went to the amusement area and took the roller coasters ride. I remember the fans came with us and saw us and took pictures. That was an experience.

Do you get bored of asking
AJ : Ouhh, no I don't get bored. It's okay. Body language? but that is really hard to read it.

Can each member personally recommend a song from the album Collage?
Eli : Hmmm, I recommend Party All The Time is a very fun song and its just like party all the time. When you hear the song, it will makes you excited.
Soohyun : I like Missing You.
Kevin : My favorite song will have to be My Reason. It's my first solo song and I'm feeling pretty excited. My reason is a lovely song is about my first love and how I feel about that person.
Dongho : I like the song called "사랑하니까"
Hoon : Standing Still.
Kiseop : I also like Standing Still.

Here are some pictures exclusively brought to you by us : (More of it will be posted on our FB page)