F.Y.I on stage with Lunafly In Malaysia

Venue : Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
Sign in time : 8.00 PM
The event started with an opening act by a Malaysian Youtuber, Enessa. Lunafly came out and the audience were cheering loudly. They sang a total of 18 songs and 2 extra songs for the encore. The first song they sang was “Clear Day Cloudy Day”, fans happily sang along to it. Next, Lunafly sang a cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby. Yun’s solo was I’m Yours with his amazing vocals while playing the guitar. Followed by Teo’s Solo, Impossible. Teo impressed everyone with his hidden vocals. For Sam’s solo, he sang California King Bed.

MC : This is the first showcase ever in Malaysia, how do you feel?
YUN : Aku Cinta Malaysia
MC : What’s the name you love the most in Malaysia?
SAM : Our fans of course.
MC : What’s your advice on anyone who wants to start their dreams on YouTube?
SAM : We aren’t been up for long, so don’t really know what to say but I guess what’s important for a singer is to keep your own color and to work very hard.

The next song was a duet with Enessa, they sang “As Long As You Love Me”. Sam gave his seat to her, a gentleman indeed. Everyone cheered and loved the performance. Next they did a cover of Maroon 5 “Payphone”.  For the next song, Sam asked if the lights could be dimmed a little, and then sang Superhero (English Version) and the fans sang along. Lunafly also sang “’Just the way you are” that made the fans swooned.

After that, Lunafly chatted with the fans a little and spoke Malay. Teo teached Sam and Yun some Malay phrases. Teo taught Yun “Aku Cinta Laaaaa” but then Teo taught an easier phrase which is “Saya Kacak Laaa” (I am handsome). Then, Teo taught Sam “Saya Comelnyaaa” (I am cute). The next song they sang was “Bila Rindu”. Before the sang, Sam apologized that he tried to learn the words in Malay and Teo said to the fans “Nyanyi sama-sama” (Let’s sing together). They went backstage for a quick change of clothes.
When they came back out on stage, they wore bright colour clothes. They sang One More Step, This Love (Maroon 5), Seeing You or Missing You and TroubleMaker, Innocent and Young which made the audience cheered and sang along to the songs. Next, they sang “Fly To Love” which will be included in their first upcoming album that will be released on April 3rd 2013. Then, Lunafly proceeded and sang “Locked out of heaven” and “50 ways to say goodbye”. They left the stage and everyone started saying “Encore! Encore!” a few minutes later, Lunafly came out wearing the Malaysian Lukies Fanclub T-shirt which shows how much they love their fans. They sang a mix of One directions songs for the encore. Later, they had a mini Q and A session with fans which resulted in Teo, Yun and Sam acting out the infamous Kiyomi Song. The last activity of the day was the autograph and photo session with the ticket holders. It was a memorable night for Malaysian Lukies.

Here are some pictures exclusively brought to you by us : (More of it will be posted on our FB page )