AIA K-POP Live in Kuala Lumpur

AIA celebrating their 65th anniversary in Malaysia feels this is the perfect way to connect with young people from all walks of life and bring them together to share in this exciting and memorable experience with Asia’s favourite modern pop stars.

Bill Lisle, CEO of AIA Bhd., said, “With Korean pop music now a phenomenon which is taking the world by storm, this concert will give us the opportunity to support some of the amazing talents Asia has to offer while capturing the interest, energy and real passion of today’s younger generation.”

He added, “This year is also a special one as it marks AIA’s 65th anniversary in Malaysia, where we’ve built our business serving the ever-changing needs of people and companies here. The concert provides the ideal platform for AIA Malaysia employees, agency members, customers and business partners to come together as one big family to celebrate our 65 years in this country even as we embark upon a dynamic new chapter as a much bigger and stronger company.”




Question 1 (G.NA):
What have you been up to following the promotion of the single ‘Oops,’ from your latest mini album?

At the moment I am getting my next album ready. I’ll be practising, and I’ll be going overseas to visit places like Malaysia, and hopefully I’ll be able to visit other places as well to promote myself. My album will be in the making, and hopefully that will be out soon.

Question 2 (BEAST):
Do you plan to visit Malaysia as part of your 2013 ‘Beautiful’ show tour, which begins in Seoul this July?

On July 20th and 21st, we will be performing in Seoul for the ‘Beautiful’ tour, and we hope that we will have an opportunity to visit Malaysia in the future.

Question 3 (4Minute):
How do you feel about your success on the Gaon chart in May?

The new song ‘What’s Your Name?’ was our comeback after a year. We were very nervous, but we’re happy that it has reached No. 1. We have a new release next week, which we hope everyone will love too.

Question 4 (4Minute):
Tell us about the dance theme of your new single ‘It’s Popping’ which will be released on the 28th of June.

The song will debut on June 28th, and we request that our fans see for themselves when the song is released.

Question 5 (4Minute & BEAST):
Are there any places in Malaysia that you wish to visit?

I heard that the beaches in Malaysia are very beautiful, so we hope we have enough time to visit one.

Malaysia is very stylish and fashionable, so hopefully we’ll find a chance to explore the city and do some shopping.

Question 6 (BEAST)
Doo-joon, Gikwang and Junhyung have tried their hand at acting for dramas. Hyunseung, Yoseob and Dongwoon, are you all also interested in acting?

If the opportunity arises, we would definitely be interested in acting. Having seen the other members do so well, the rest of us hope we may also achieve such success in acting.

Question 7 (G.NA):
Have you ever considered becoming more active in the acting scene?

Unfortunately my Korean language is not as good as I would like at the moment. So when my Korean language improves, I would love to get the chance to try acting. Trying is always good, and so I would like to try acting one day when my language has improved.

Question 8 (4Minute):
How do you think 4Minute differs from the other girl groups out there?

4 Minute:
Unlike other groups, all 5 of us have different personalities and characteristics, so we believe that this is our group’s unique factor.

The concert started with the CEO of AIA Malaysia saying “Good evening! Are u ready to party?” He then thanked staffs customers agencies and all the partners. The concert started with G.NA coming up from the bottom of the stage singing SUPA SOLO pumping the crowd with her sweet vocal and her wicked dance moves. Next she sang the upbeat song; 2HOT which made the crowd went wild. She then greeted the crowd and thanked them for coming out for the concert tonight walking to the front acknowledging every tier.  She continued and sang꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 English Version which featured Junhyung, the rapper from Beast to join her on stage.

BANANA was the next song on the list that energizes the crowd. The 5th song she is a cover of TAKE A BOW+RUDE BOY. G.NA sat down while singing the heartfelt TAKE A BOW and got up to sing and danced to RUDE BOY. After, she sang FIRST KISS, a sweet song that made the crowd smile. G.NA impressively performs TOP GIRL and ended the performance with BLACK AND WHITE throwing towels/t-shirt to the crowd. G.NA left the stage the same way she came on stage.

The second act 4Minute took over the stage wearing colourful clothing with one thing in common, wedges sneakers singing이름이 뭐예요 (What’s Your Name) which made the crowd go crazy within a few seconds, then 4Minute sang거울아 거울아. The girls walked to the front of the stage and introduced themselves “There are many people here tonight. Our first show here and everyone knows it. How was our show? I'm speechless now; tomorrow another song will be release so I hope u guys would like it. Since we're here, we have to go all the way and say hi to all the fans here. Thank you all so much. We came from another concert, surprised that there are many people here to watch the concert. Thank you so much and we can't wait to perform the next song.” So they did, the girls sat down and sang a ballad I’M OK. 4Minute continued their enthusiasms by singing HUH, MUZIK, 모르는척.
The girls went on and said “I'm so impressed that you guys know how to sing. We are touched and grateful for your love; you guys seem to know our songs well”. Moving on to the next song HEART TO HEART and ended their performance with HOT ISSUE while interacting with the crowd.

The final act is Beast, surprising the crowd singing아름다운 밤and the crowd went crazy. During BAD GIRL, the boys ran to the front of the stage getting the crowd hyped. Later, the boys sang chart topping hits such as SHOCK, SPECIAL and FICTION which the crowd sang along every single word of the songs. The boys briefly introduced themselves and said to the crow that specially for this AIA Kpop Concert, they will perform괜찮겠니for the very first time as a treat and hope the crowds enjoys the it, also stating that their performance is nothing compare to the love of their fans.

Moving on the next song 비가 오는 날엔, they sang this lovely ballad sitting down, same goes with 괜찮겠니. The boys then got on their feet dancing and singing 이럴 줄 알았어. The leader, DooJoon told the fans if they can wait, we might come back to Malaysia soon. Junhyung, the rapper added “We have a lot of fun tonight” MALAYSIA! The youngest, Dongwoon said “Today we finally realize why Malaysia is so hot; it’s because of you and your passion. It’s such a great time here today; we might have a Beast concert in Malaysia too.” Yoseob said “I heard you were suffering from a bad haze, they kind of made our throat itchy but I hope you stay strong and healthy.” Kikwang teased the fans stating that Beast will release an album soon, and that Beast will return to Malaysia. Hyunseung said to the crowd that he’ll see them again. The leader then told the crowd that it’s time to jump around and shout! And the boys immediately sang Freeze. Throughout the final songs which are Beautiful and V.I.U, Beast interacted with the crowd and throwing items for them to catch. The great atmosphere, the brilliant choice of songs and the energetic show made this concert one of the most memorable concert we've attended.

We would like to thank the organiser and AIA Bhd for inviting us to cover this concert.