G-Dragon One Of A Kind World Tour Malaysia

One of the most anticipated concerts in Malaysia this year was finally here! Despite the bad hazy weather here in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, VIPs and GD's fans were all dressed and gathered for the occasion. Organizer let the fans in at around 6pm and once inside they were entertained with GD's music videos.

At 7.30pm, a representative/emcee asked whether the fans are ready for GD and who here was GD's wife?  And some fun facts about this concert, it was the only outdoor concert of the tour and most importantly stricly no photography and videography. Not to mention, thanking the sponsors and organiser mainly Xpax, Acer, Running Into The Sun (RITS) and Woohoo! Experience. Basically, the guy was just a distraction, keeping the fans busy and not agitated due to waiting. 

We then heard GD's voice, probably sound checking at around 8pm and the fans were so excited. But it's not till 10 minutes later when they slowly turned down the volume of mv that was currently playing, Michigo. A short video was played showing him racing in some futuristic animation and the car crashed, and voila, GD appears on the stage!

Cladded in a red jumpsuit with shades and his usual stick, he greeted the fans briefly and continue to sang MICHIGO. I have to acknowledge the production crew as the laser lights that are projected all the way to the back was a delight to our eyes. 

He then remove his red outer coat, not sure whether it was due to our weather, and sang HEARTBREAKER. Keeping his shades on, he continued to interact with the fans asking whether they were ready to party and what is up.
The next number was ONE OF A KIND. His back up dancers were wearing some hologram costumes and the stage deco was super edgy. He finally took out in the midst of this song. Being all cheeky, he made the heart sign with his hands. Sound effects were mind blowing.

GD was famous for his collaborations with other well-known artists. So the first collab song of the night was LIGHT IT UP featuring Tablo of Epik High. There was a projection of Tablo on the screen making it as though he's there when he's not. 

After this, he came on stage with a scooter. And throughout the concert he held on a white towel because he was sweating like mad. CL from 2NE1 was shown on the screen and his next song was THE LEADERS. 
A video of him was shown again, while he went for a short break.
Came back with a slower song BUTTERFLY. Also, he went for a costume change wearing a glittery black coat and white inner shirt. He sang while sitting down while big butterfly kites flying around. Pretty nice props. And he went on a circular smaller stage that ascended so everyone could have a better view of him.
GD then moved on to another laid back song, MISSING YOU ft Kim Yuna. He was teasing the fans with all his gestures. Cute. He continued to be sitted on the stage, cross-legged.
Walking to the extended stage, coming closer to the fans, he stopped to talk to us. Asking whether we're loving it so far and are we having fun. It's always good to see you guys. How are you feeling out there? I miss you so much, Malaysia! He then interacted with the crowd. 

THAT XX was up next, he sang it acoustically with a guitarist playing beside him while he sat on a throne, wearing a hat. The kinda hat where TOP wore in Monster music video.

2nd costume change occurred arnd here, he changed into a golden jacket with lots of detail. Backdrop was pictures of a blue iceberg while he sang WITHOUT U ft Kim Jisoo.

This next part in my opinion is one of his best songs of the night, from his OOAK album, he sang TODAY ft Kim Jong Wan of Nell. It was pretty cool as GD sorta mashed the song up with melody from Don't Stop Believin by Journey. To top that, he was in the middle of a stage with spikes surrounding it, handling the percussion using electronics. There were giant inflatable studs as well. Talk about unique. 

The props went missing as he moved on to the next number, A BOY. He went down the stage on both sides of the rock pit. Really close to the fans but no physical affections were involved. He grooved along to the song with his golden dragon stick.

Asking us whether we're having fun? the next stage is gonna be crazy as someone is gonna join me. TaeYang came out in all white with black pants and shades and sang WHERE U AT. Giving fans the highest energy level as he loves to dance. 
Stopped to talk to the crowd : Heyy Malaysia! How are you feeling tonight? Fantastic? I'm so happy to meet you again. People here are hot just like the weather! But I'm gonna make u feel hotter than this. Are you ready?!
He then sang BREAK DOWN. Ended the performance by throwing his mic, badass much hah.

Next song, GD came back again with THIS LOVE. Fans who knew this song were pretty excited as it was one of GD solo songs when he debuted but newer fans are entertained as well as it bares the similarities with This Love by Maroon 5. 

Kinda heavy rock song was up after this and it felt like we were in a rock concert. Go GD! 

A video clip of him running in slow motion was played while he rested. 

Stage was decorated in red for the next song, NIGHTMARE/OBSESSION. He starts climbing the stage, probably to reach a lady in red wired up at the highest place. At the end of the song, the lady fell. with the wire of course. 

GD stripped, taking off his jacket before moving on to SHE'S GONE. Percussions and bass were crazy, kudos to the band!
Talking about the band, the next interval was their time to shine. Wearing OOAK tops, they were playing instrumentally while waiting for GD. 

GD appeared on to wire wearing a cat tshirt and gold chain, announcing that this would be the last song, CRAYON. 
And breaking into FANTASTIC BABY, sat down in the middle, I guess he was pretty exhausted. Confetti were everywhere as though concert ended. 

Here comes the encore :

Video of him was played asking us whether we're still here. And that it's late so get out! Also, to tell us he loves us. 

He came out again with a scooter wearing a beanie and oversized white printed tshirt singing BREATHE.

Next up was BAD BOY, with TaeYang joining him wearing the identical shirt. 

Closing speech was to thank the fans for everything and for coming tonight and also supporting him. He's so happy and had so much fun. He'll never forget tonight and asked us to please don't forget him ( How could we!) He promised to come back soon with his brothers, BIGBANG. Until then, please wait for their return. 
He also announced that his new solo album would be out some time in August, please look forward to it and hope we like it.

Ended the concert with another encore of MICHIGO.