M.I.K (Move In Key) First Album Promo Tour in Malaysia

M.I.K (Move In Key) the new k-pop group with a new concept of "retro-idols" were here in Malaysia for their first album promo tour. The press conference which was held at Summit Hotel Subang USJ as one of the tour sponsors started in the morning. The members - Shin as the leader, Jay and Czero as the vocalists and the rapper Sakoo were very charming. Czero expressed how he enjoyed eating Malaysian food -Nasi Lemak which they had as breakfast and chili crab. Jay then stated places they have gone to in Malaysia is Mont Kiara and Petronas Twin Towers (night view). They were also asked if they had any favorite Malaysian person which Shin answered Michael Wong, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh and Jimmy Choo too. Their concept which Sakoo explained - "Our music concept, new upgraded retro k-pop music". Sakoo then said that they are aiming worldwide and by that they hope to reach in to people's heart with their music and promotions. They too stated to come back to Malaysia soon. The members showcase their talent, every one of them is talented in their own special ways.

Q : A member of Super Junior - Lee Donghae actually promoted M.I.K Promo Tour in Malaysia yesterday. What's the friendship between you and Donghae?
A : Four of us have a good relationship with Super Junior members and Big Bang members too for about 10 years and we do support and cheer each other.

Q : Why did you guys decided to use retro-concept idols and not just follow the current music scene?
A : Right now in Korea, there are many groups debuting now with the same concept/trend so we want to be much more unique with our own style of music and wants to show our own uniqueness.

Q : How do you see your self in the near future? (about 5 years)
A : Sakoo - for me I just hope to influence as much people as possible with our music by that people can acknowledge us with our music.
Jay - As a singer, he wants to travel more places. I want to try acting in movies, dramas and so on. 
Shin - I would want to be a good father and to also do some acting, improve on singing too.
Czero - I want to work hard and focus on making music.

The next day, the boys of M.I.K had their first stop for their promo tour in One Segamat Shopping Mall, JB which attracted much fans. Later in the evening, the boys made their way to Summit Subang USJ for their second spot for their promo tour. Many people gathered and cheered for the boys. The event started with Shin, Jay, Czero and Sakoo with their cheeky introduction and then performed 떠나버려 (Get Away) which sends the crowd screaming and singing along to their song. Get Away is actually a 2013 cover of 90's Deux (듀스) - 떠나버려. The song has a tremendous sense of retro feel which M.I.K successfully showed on stage.

Check out their M.I.K Music Video 

The event continued with a soulful solo song sung by Czero - Isn't She Lovely. The crowd responded with shouts of adoration as he sung and raps. They too performed a cover of Big Bang - Fantastic Baby and another retro song which sounded really good, more people gathered and cheered as they perform. The event, also consists of 2 games with the fans. The games were fun to watch and the boys of M.I.K were really interactive with the fans.To end the promo tour, fans were able to get up close and personal with them for an autograph session. Props to New Pro Star for letting the fans take their time and not rush with the situation being under control. We look forward for more events organised by New Pro Star. 

Our publication would also like to thank New Pro Star for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.
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