VIXX Blasting Off To "The Milky Way" Live in Kuala Lumpur

On October 20th, VIXX First Global Showcase 2013 'The Milky Way' Live in Kuala Lumpur took place at HGH Convention Center and VIXX is ready to make the crowd go crazy. The anticipated showcase started with an opening act by a local Malaysian singer - Kinxx.

VIXX rumbled onto the stage as smoke rises slowly with a haunting "On and On", making the crowd go wild as they finally get to see VIXX live on stage. Then they continued with their second song "어둠 속을 밝혀줘" which is personally my favorite performance. VIXX did fantastic with their choreography as well as their voices which captivated the crowd's attention.

The boys of VIXX - N, Leo, Ken, Hyuk, Hong Bin and Ravi introduced themselves and proceeded with a solo performance of "Can't Be Friends" by Leo. Leo started the song with his sweet vocal and playing the keyboard but then breaking out with a light pop tune. Next, Hong Bin with his deep vocals and charismatic presence sang "Old songs" which I do believe is a ballad. The next performance is different with Ken and Ravi dance and sang "Turn Up The Music" enthusiastically sending the crowd (mostly) teen girls into fits of high-pitched screams.

Later, N dressed in black surprising the fans with a very beautiful and artistic "blindfold dance". He wore a black blindfold and danced along with the beats of the music. He definitely caught the attention of fans, showing the artistic side of him.  After the captivating dance, there was a video montage of their journey as clips of pre-debut up till now with meaningful words filled the hearts of the crowd. From clips of practicing, training and sweating also having fun in between. It does show how much they do work hard and appreciate their fans.

VIXX changed outfits of black and white then revisited and performed their debut song "Super Hero". Then, they had a fun Q and A session with the crowd. From the boys of VIXX acknowledging international fans that came to watch their showcase to Hyuk acting out gwiyomi which once again sends the crowd squealing. Before they sang their next song, the boys got the crowd out of their seats to teach the fans "Rock Your Body" choreography.

Thereafter, VIXX performed "Starlight" and ended with the up beat song "Rock Your Body". As they went backstage, the crowd started chanting "Encore! Encore! Encore!" which resulted in the boys coming back out with a more colorful outfits performing 대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U). N came down from stage and interacted with the fans. N also said in Malay "Bila saya sudah tua, saya tidak akan lupakan hari" (When I'm old, I won't forget this day) VIXX closed out his show with "Hyde". The showcase was a blast with fun numbers and entertaining songs.

Our publication would also like to thank Jazzy Group of Companies for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.
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