[Coverage] EvoL First Showcase in Malaysia 2014 @ Klang Parade

EvoL graces K-pop Fans with their showcase promo in 3 different cities in Malaysia organized by New Pro Star (Sponsored by S2 Slimming and Umobile). EvoL debuted on August 2012 and is relatively new to the K-pop scene. The girls kicked off their 2nd showcase on the list at Klang Parade with a ballad and RnB like performance of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The girls rocked the stage all dressed in black and white. Although there were technical difficulties with the sound system, EvoL continued their performance and showed their professionalism. 

EvoL greeted the fans with their signature greeting and HAYANA revealed that it was their second time in Malaysia and they miss the fans. When asked “How was Taiping?”, member Yull told Emcee Baki that there were a lot of fans who showed up in Taiping for their showcase which made them happy. Member JUCY added saying “The atmosphere here is more lively” which made the crowd cheered louder. HAYANA shared that two days ago, the girls went to a restaurant and tried Nasi Lemak. She said that it was delicious and that they love Malaysian food while giving a thumbs up. 

Following up is their electrifying performance of Get Up. The game session was next and the selected lucky fans were in for a game of charades. The amusing game session of charades was for everybody who is participating and watching. The lucky fan who won got to take a solo photo with EvoL. The other fans who participated also got a photo with EvoL and a gift each. 

EvoL continued the showcase with a performance of We are a bit different(우린 좀 달라) and I'm Sorry. Shortly after their performance, the girls were asked by Emcee Baki to showcase their hidden talent. Leader - SAY sings the Korean traditional song “Arirang” with her powerful vocal. As the youngest of EvoL, J-DA cutely does the "Buing Buing” aegyo and SAY jokingly pulls her back. HAYANA sang “Fallen” beautifully, stating that it was her favourite song. JUCY raps for the crowd and member YULL sang “Let it Go” sweetly. 

EvoL reveals their dream guy traits. YULL – a guy big shoulders and long legs. HAYANA– a guy with monolids and who will love her forever. JUCY – a guy who is humorous and funny. SAY – a guy whom she can respects. J-DA – a sweet guy. The last song EvoL performed is an impressive cover of “Wild Ones”. The showcase ended with an autograph and photo pass session with the fans. EvoL performance also showcased their individualism yet still goes and blend well together. This promo showcase should not be missed because it was truly an enjoyable time for everybody. 
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Our publication would also like to thank New Pro Star for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.