[Coverage] YG FAMILY Power in Singapore Press Conference

Seungri from Big Bang was not able to attend the press conference as he was involved in a car accident in Korea but is recovering well.

The YG FAMILY Power in Singapore Press Conference opening speech was honored by the Vice President, Marketing Samsung Asia, Mr Stanley Goh.

Mr Stanley Goh was proud that Samsung is able to bring the YG Family Galaxy Tour 2014 to Singapore to showcase top-class talents.

This is the first ever YG Family tour in Singapore, and Singapore is the only SE Asia stop for this tour. Fans around the region would be coming to Singapore to watch this extravaganza.

YG Family artistes always work very hard to pursue their passion in entertainment and music, and Samsung has the same philosophy.

All the members of the YG family including WINNER, 2NE1, Big Bang and Epik High took their seats on stage and the press conference officially begins!

The press conference will be in a lucky-draw Q&A sessions of questions from the media.

1. A question to Big Bang, Singapore is a food paradise, what food would you like to try in Singapore?
Daesung: Last time when we were here (in Singapore) for a tour, we had a lot of different crabs and a lot of chilli crabs so we would like to avoid crabs this time round.

2. Another question to Big Bang as well, Which artistes inspires you and would like to work with in future?
TOP: WINNER is our inspiration. /the entire YG family laughs/ I don’t really have a reason, maybe it is because they are winners.
The artistes we’d like to work with would be 2NE1. /YG family laughs again/

3. A question to Epik High. We hear that you’d be making a comeback with your 8th album, with the usual style or would you try out a new genre?
Tablo: It’s a secret! We don’t want to spoil the fun by revealing too much today but we promise you that it would be back soon with a great comeback. Without a doubt, it will be an awesome comeback!

4. A question to 2NE1, What do you think about our new Samsung product that has just been launched? 
Dara: As you can tell, style is really important for us and these Samsung products are just as stylish as us! Also, it’s really good for people who likes to take selfies as the screens are really clear and big.

5. Another question to 2NE1. What makes the difference between a YG family concert and your solo concert?
Minzy: There is a big difference. Although we do enjoy our own solo concerts, but during the YG family concert, we are able to show different sides of us that we are not able to show among ourselves. And we also have very exciting collaborations prepared.

When asked about what kind of collaborations we can expect, she didn’t want to reveal so as to not spoil the fun!

6. Question to Epik High! This is your first time is Singapore, what are your thoughts on Singapore and what kind of reaction are you expecting from fans at the concert? 
DJ Tukutz: We’ve only reached Singapore for about 2 to 3 hours and I can say that it’s really beautiful. We are sure our fans at the concert will be very beautiful as well!

Tablo: I love the heat. I love it. I love heat. I like the sun. And I love the heat. So, I love it.

7. To Big Bang, how doesn’t feel to be able to perform together with the YG family?
Taeyang: It’s great! We’ve done concerts before together but not tours. Especially with new group like WINNER, I’m sure we can show you a variety of music and different styles of performances.

8. Question for WINNER! What is the most memorable moment ever since debut? 
Seungyun: I think this, right now, is the most memorable moment because we are here in Singapore with our seniors.

9. To Epik High, if you can choose someone from the YG family to do a collab, who would you choose and what kind of collab would it be? 
Tablo: Without a doubt, the boss of YG, Yang CEO. We would like to do a collaboration of rap and dance.

10. To 2NE1, what projects would each member like to take up? For example, acting, variety shoes, hosting etc.
Dara: I’ve always wanted to try acting like TOP does and I’d like to try out movies.
TOP: can you show us a teary scene right now?
Dara: I’d like to try out a kissing scene more than a crying scene, I will show you next time!
Host: who would you like to do the kissing scene with?
Dara: /laugh/ that’s a very tough question! I’d like to try it with Mithra Jin.
YG family chants “right now, right now!”
Tablo: No wait! The heat….the heat of Singapore…

11. A question so WINNER, how does it feel to be with this YG family tour and performing alongside with all your seniors?
Minho: it is a great honor to be with them on stage because we’ve always been a part of the audience during our trainee period, just watching their performances, but now we are artistes ourselves and being able to perform with them is a really great experience. We will push ourselves harder to be part of the YG Family.

To wrap up the press conference, the YG artistes took a commemorative photo promoting the new Samsung Galaxy phone and received gifts from Mr Harry, President of Samsung Asia Pte Ltd.
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