[Coverage] OSIM uDiva Promotional Event feat. Lee Min-Ho in Kuala Lumpur

OSIM, the global leader in healthy lifestyle products, brought Korean Superstar Lee Min-Ho to Malaysia as the ambassador of its wonder OSIM uDiva, the world’s first 3-in-1 sofa, lounger and massage chair for the modern consumer. The sofa comes fitted with an exclusive 3D Power-Ball Massage Technology, which provides three levels of protrusion for a smotth yet powerful massage based on the human’s body contour. 

Lee Min-Ho tours around Asia to promote OSIM uDiva. His last stop is in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for an intimate meet and greet. As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered in excitement as Lee Min-Ho makes his entrance sitting on the OSIM uDiva and demonstrated the different modes on the OSIM uDiva. 

Selected fans from the crowd and contest winners got to join the Korean star on stage for a game session. The fans not only got up close and personal but manage to take a photo with Lee Min-Ho. As it was OSIM’s 35th Anniversary, a cake was brought out and Lee Min-Ho sang a Happy Birthday song as everybody claps along. Also to celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary, 35 of OSIM’s most loyal customers took a group photo with Lee Min-Ho. 

As the promotional event for OSIM uDiva ends, OSIM Malaysia general manger presented the new OSIM’s new ambassador, Lee Min-Ho a gift. Follow up is the Press Conference for OSIM uDiva featuring Lee Min-Ho himself.

Q : How was your 3rd time in Malaysia?
A : I landed last night, the fans were passionate and I thank them for coming to the airport. I'm so happy to have this opportunity to meet my fans.

Q : Which is your personal favourite massage mode for the OSIM uDiva?
A : There are various programs stored in OSIM uDiva and my favourite is the spa mode.

Q: You work very hard for movies and TV dramas, are there any aches and pains? 
A : I do get fatigue from various filming and I rely on OSIM uDiva to relax but due to my schedule, I'm rarely home but my mother loves the uDiva.

Q : Would you be interested visiting Malaysia islands and tropical rainforest?
A : The picture shown of Tioman in the fan meet and greet is very beautiful and I would like to enjoy myself in Tioman.

Q : You've just finished filming Gangnam Blues, were there any challenges ?
A : You would be surprise to see a different side of me and I hope you enjoy the movie when it comes out. 

Q: Your last album was released in 2013, do you have plans to release a new album?
A : Yes, my new song 'Song for You' will be out in October,

Q : How do you feel as the ambassador for OSIM uDiva?
A : I'm very honoured to be the ambassador for the uDIva and OSIM promotes well being. It is a great experience to tour for OSIM uDiva. I wish all the best in OSIM's future. 

Q: From an actor's point of view, how was filiming for the OSIM uDiva commercial?
A : I had a lot of fun and there's something about the music that really excites me. 

Q : What is your favourite OSIM uDiva colour and where would you place the OSIM uDiva in your home?
A : I like Black, I would place it in my bed room. The Pink, I would recommend it to my mother and sister. The Maroon, I would place it in the living room.
That concludes OSIM uDiva promotional event with Korean Superstar Lee Min-Ho. Our publication would also like to thank OSIM and the organiser for the opportunity to cover this promotional event.