ONE HD March 2015 Highlights | Glorious Day First & Exclusive on ONE HD‏

Glorious Day <心情好的日子>
Premiering 2 March 2015, Monday
[First & Exclusive] Every Monday to Thursday at 7.40pm on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)

Han Song Jung (Kim Mi Sook) is a novel writer and a single mother who is set on marrying her three daughters to decent men.

Jung Da Ae (Hwang Seul Hye), her eldest daughter, is beautiful, smart, and helped raised her younger sisters. Da Jung (Park Se Young), the middle child, overflows with warmth and optimism, who cheers up anyone around her. Da In (Go Woo Ri) is the baby in the family.

The family next door runs a rice cake store, and their eldest grandson is Seo Jae Woo (Lee Sang Woo). He is a conservative young man who works at a large organization. This old-fashioned, gentleman becomes romantically involved with Da Jung.

Heard It As A Rumor《听到传闻
Premiering 23 March 2015, Monday
 [First & Exclusive]
Every Monday & Tuesday at 8.55pm on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)

A black comedy about a prestigious family whose lives are suddenly shaken up because of a rumor about their teenage son impregnating his schoolmate.
Choi Yun Hee (Yoo Ho Jung) and Han Jung Ho (Yoo Joon Sang) are a wealthy couple from a prestigious family. The girl, Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung) is determined to endure the humiliation and isolation from the family for the sake of her child's future while the son, Han In Sang (Lee Joon), struggles between his love for Seo Bom and his family's high expectations.
The more the family tries to resolve the rumor, the further it spreads.

Healing Camp - Kim Jong Kook
Premiering 17 March 2015, Tuesday
[First & Exclusive] Every Tuesday 8.55 on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)

Healing Camp, is a South Korean talk show. It is hosted by comedian Lee Kyung-kyu, broadcaster Kim Je-dong, and actress Sung Yu-ri. The program is known to have created a new genre of talk shows focused on "healing", which have become the trend of talk shows in 2012 and 2013. Healing Camp is also known for its superior casting capabilities, inviting top actors and actresses, as well as politicians, athletes, and other influential people who are not easily seen on entertainment programs.

Madly In Love
Premiering 13 March 2015, Wednesday
[First & Exclusive] Every Monday to Friday at 6.25PM on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393)

A humanistic melodrama that follows the tragic love and success story of a man and woman who get tangled up in tragic destinies due to conflicts in their parents’ generation. The drama depicts how one generation’s problems can negatively affects the next generation.

Running Man
Premiering 7 March 2015, Saturday
[First & Exclusive] Every Saturday at 11.15pm on ONE HD (AstroB.yond Ch393)
Korea's hit variety show comes to ONEHD! Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals. See your favorite stars battle it out and reveal their true colors as they fight their way to the finish line. Every week, Running Man tests the strength, endurance, and cunning of Korea’s top entertainers through various missions and races. The Rules: Protect your name tag at all times and trust no one.