Witness the power of The Seven Deadly Sins on Animax Asia!‏

Malaysia, 27 February 2015 — Animax Asia, the region’s first dedicated anime channel, is bringing the television adaptation of today’s hottest manga series The Seven Deadly Sins, to Southeast Asia. 
Fans of the manga will be happy to see the anime series, set to make its mark in history, stay true to the exciting original plot line, with creative shifts made to deliver a quality viewing experience.

Set in the fictional region of Britannia, which harks back to the European Middle Ages with its towering castles and rolling hills, the story recalls how the kingdom’s most feared knights the Seven Deadly Sins, were sent to exile after being accused of wanting to overthrow the monarchy.  10 years later when her father King Liones is captured and his throne seized, Princess Elizabeth flees the castle to enlist their help in her revenge and learns the truth that the Sins were framed by the king’s guard, the Holy Knights.  She quickly meets Meliodas, captain of the fallen Sins and his unlikely sidekick, the talking pig Hawk.  The three then embark on a harrowing, action-packed journey in search of the other six, each distinguished by the beast carved into their skin symbolizing their legendary powers.

Star-studded production and soundtrack
The Seven Deadly Sins, described by manga fans as “genius work” that constantly “exceeds expectations”, has not only sold over 10 million copies, it’s also been turned into a moving 24-episode anime adaptation.  This is the first time that a manga of prolific artist Nakaba Suzuki is being reproduced for the small screen, made possible by award-winning Tokyo animation house A1-Pictures (Fairy Tail, Magi — The Labyrinth of Magic).  
Just as glittering is the anime’s soundtrack, which features opening theme songs by renowned Japanese pop-rock groups Ikimino-gakari and MAN WITH A MISSION.  One ending theme is a stirring first collaboration between anisong hits FLOW X GRANRODEO, while the other, “Season”, is Alisa Takigawa’s major label debut.

Don’t miss this remarkable telling of the Sins’ extraordinary might on Animax Asia.

The Seven Deadly Sins premieres on 4 March at 10pm (MY), Monday to Friday, First and Exclusively on Animax Asia.
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