[EXCLUSIVE] New hip-hop duo - Type:b reveals their first single "Feeling Down"

The up and rising new hip hop duo Type:b from AQ Entertainment is here to spread their music through hip hop. Both of them have blood type b, therefore the duo's name is called Type:b. The duo met each other in the year 2014 and found out that they have strong passion for making the same style of music, which is hip-hop. Zi-Nu and Isaac are both rappers from their previous group. They  released their first single "Feeling Down" on September 15th. "Feeling Down" music video will brighten a boring day or any day! Check out the hip-hop duo below!

How is Type:b music different from other artists?
We aim to bring a more fun and exciting hip-hop genre to all audiences using a fusion of electronic and hip-hop beats.

How would you describe Type:b's music in general to the public?
Just music that everyone can enjoy. Music that can relief from stress, relaxing and exciting people's minds and thoughts.

In 3 years, how do you see Type:b to be?
In 3 years our aim is to capture everyone's hearts through our music and also to be known globally, really connecting with our fans and the public in general.

Were there any struggles to debut as Type:b, if so what are the struggles and how did you overcome it?
Actually there weren't many hardships because we've known each other for a long time also because we share the same passion for music and aim to share our good music throughout the world.

What are the reasons for Type:b for releasing "Feeling Down" as their first single?
Mainly because we wanted to share exicting music and because so many people are under stress everyday we wanted to make exciting music to help them to relax and further  be a help to their hardships through our music.

Curious about the boys of Type:b? Check out their profile listed below!

Debut: 2012 ‘VICTOR’
Talent: Acting & Table Tennis

Debut: 2012 ‘M.I.K’
Talent: English, Tennis & Writing lyrics