HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015

The boys of HIGH4 made their appearance in Summit USJ for their showcase organised by New Pro Star. HIGH4 is a four-member South Korean boy bang that debuted in 2014 under N.A.P Entertainment. The group consists of members Sunggu, Alex, Myunghan and Yongjun. The boys took on the stage with their first song of the evening, “Day by Day” (비슷해). A beautiful ballad showcasing their alluring vocals and rap. The crowd cheered and scream in excitement as they lay their eyes on HIGH4. They went on and introduced themselves and extending themselves in Bahasa Malaysia such as “Apa Khabar Malaysia?”. The boys were asked about Malaysia and Sunggu said that the Malaysian fans smiles are beautiful, making the fans cheer even louder! The boys went on and sang “Baby Boy” (베이비 보이), an upbeat song incorporating a sense of cool chic with Alex and YongJun rap and a cute chorus thrown into their performance. Up next was another fun performance of their song “Headache” 뱅뱅뱅.

The game session was up next and the boys selects their chosen fans from the floor and they played charades. The chosen fan had to guessed the word through the members actions. All in it was humorous and witty. After the game session, HIGH4 sang "Say Yes".

Following up was a beat-box battle between Alex and Myunghan. Member Yongjun and Sunggu was put in to a aegyo battle. The four boys then proceeded to do aegyo and the boys were embarrassed however the fans truly enjoyed each aegyo as they screamed in delight. The boys were split into two and showed their acting skills through a scene given by the MC. The boys acting skills were fun to watch and entertaining.

The boys demonstrate that they can sing cover songs really well with their cover of Chris Brown's "With You". HIGH4 ended their showcases with the performance of their hit single "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms(봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고)" with everybody singing along. The boys says "Thank You" and "Terima Kasih". The event ended with photo session and autograph session. New Pro Star who organised the event does not disappoint fans as they always pleases the fans. Our publication would like to thank New Pro Star for the opportunity to cover this event.

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