[Coverage] BTOB Fan Meet in Singapore 2015

BTOB fan meeting started with a bang as they emerged from the darkness dressed in blue suits performing their title track "WOW" which made all the fans screamed. The boys electrified the stage with their stage presence. The boys went on and introduced themselves to the crowd. BTOB consists of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. The next segment was a game for the boys of BTOB, the MC teased the crowd when mentioned “Bring the fans”, however he was referring to paper fans. The game was simple in which the MC asked the boys to act out an expression which conveys the word mentioned. Member Eunkwang acted out the words given by the MC with such amusing faces which caused laughter among the fans. Member Changsub went all the way with his facial expression shamelessly which is truly fun to watch. However, at the end, Eunkwang dominated the game session.

The next stage, BTOB sang It’s Okay, a sweet ballad that showcases their sweet vocals as well as rap. Following up is another fun segment which the boys pick a note with a fan’s wish written on it. The lucky girls received hugs from the boys, making their fan wishes come true. The boys went on and performed  집으로 가는 길 along with their other title tracks from the past  뛰뛰빵빵 and 두 번째 고백. The boys prepared special gifts such as a single rose and teddy bears for the fans as they sang크리스탈같이 which reflects the lyrics of the song fittingly. The boys truly love the fans as seen from their lovely interactions with them and are always thinking and thanking the fans.

Nearing the end of the fan meet, the boys of BTOB tells the fans that they will be back and to ask them fans to wait for their return back to Singapore. Additionally, member Peniel request the fans to wish his nephew, Jayden “Happy Birthday”, everybody in the hall screamed out “Happy Birthday Jayden!” and they continued the fan meet with a song number called 비밀 which brings back memories to the fans that have been supporting the boys since debut as 비밀 was their debut song. Next they sang 스릴러 which is a beautiful haunting song with a dance that compliments the whole feeling of what the song is. The boys performed with full on energy continuously and ended the fan meet with the song Shake it. The event ended with a memorable hi-touch with their fans and also a photo session. The Singapore fans will be waiting for BTOB’s return as this fan meet has made a very good impression because it has been such a unforgettable fan meeting.

Our publication would like to give thanks to Three Angles Production for the opportunity to cover this event,