[Coverage] SISTAR & MONSTA X Fan Meeting in Singapore 2015

SISTAR and MONSTA X started with a bang as SISTAR performs with “Shake It!”, a fun and trendy song that represents summer. They danced and sang with such a vibrant energy as the crowd cheers. SISTAR are the brand ambassador for American sports apparel brand SKECHERS. Member Dasom describe SKECHERS shoes as amazing, Hyorin says that SKECHERS is fashion and member Bora described SKECHERS is SISTAR as they truly represent the brand’s girly to sporty all round concept. The fan meet continued with “Don't Be Such A Baby”, a ballad from their 3rd mini album. The girls sang the fun and pop song “I Swear” from their Sweet & Sour extended play.

MONSTA X came on stage with an exploding performance of 무단침입. They boys expressed that this is the first time that they’re in Singapore and that they could see signboards with their names on it and they’re falling in love with each one. The boys went on and sang a beautiful ballad “Perfect Girl”.

SISTAR returned back on the stage with “Lead Me” moving their body with sultry vibes as they sang passionately. The perky and cheerful song “Loving You” was next which they danced with happy and upbeat steps complimenting the song lyrics. The awaited game session was next, 3 lucky fans were selected and brought on stage to play a telepathy game with the girls. Each pair consists of a SISTAR member and a fan. The game session was to draw out either option A or B. If each individual in the pair match the most, the pair wins. In this case, Dasom and her partner fan won a photo with the girls and also a signed merchandise. SISTAR continued performing their chart topping hits such as “Ma Boy” and “Touch My Body”.

MONSTA X came back out on stage performing their gleeful track 신속히, there were fans on the floor that danced along to the song. After the song ended, the boys took notice of them and praised and thanked them. Next, the boys invited a fan on stage for the performance 솔직히 말할까 in which the boys serenades to the fan, taking turns to give her a rose. After such a fantastic fan service and performance by Monsta X, the game session was next. 7 fans came up on stage and the game presented was a staring competition. Member Shownu and his partner fan won the game. The fan won a photo with Monsta X and a poster signed by them. Ending the fan meet, Monsta X performed Hero!