[PRESS CONFERENCE] Ji Chang Wook as ambassador of Shokubutsu

As soon as the Korean heartthrob, Ji Chang Wook entered the room, the members of the media fired away with their cameras and warmly welcomed him for his entrance.
To kick start the media conference, Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, 28, representing the ambassador of Shokubutsu, introduced himself and expresses his gratefulness of being able to be here in Singapore.
He said, “I am really grateful to be chosen as the ambassador of Shokubutsu, and as I did not had much activities in Singapore, I am very happy to be invited here! I hope I will suit the role of the ambassador and do a good job!”

Due to his hectic and busy schedules in Korea and China, he shared with us that he almost missed his flight to Singapore the previous night as his movie filming took place till late night.
Ji Chang Wook made everyone laugh as he says “I practically RAN for my flight.”

With a very well-maintained complexion even at the age of 28, Ji Chang Wook feels that eating and sleeping well, rather than having a certain grooming regime, helps to keep up his skin condition. However, as an actor, cleansing is still very important to remove all traces of make-up.
When asked about how he destresses after a long day of work, he said, “’after a long day at work, I would usually have a hot shower, then lay on my bed to rest.”
As the ambassador of Shokubutsu, he mentioned that he has some similarities with the brand.
He said, “I think I’m (a) warm and gentle (person), just like Shokubutsu. Mostly due to the roles and characters I play in dramas and movies, always protecting the women I love, and being a very caring person. “
To wrap up the media conference, when asked what kind of scent would Ji Chang Wook use to create his own shower foam, he feels that strong scents are sometimes distracting, so he would go for a very light and mild scent.
The conference ended with Ji Chang Wook signing on the backdrop of the media conference, as well as posing with the new Shokubutsu RevitaCare series!