[INTERVIEW] NANTA (Cookin') Cast & Producer *Catch them in Singapore on 3-5 June 2016!!*

NANTA cooks having fun in the midst of preparations
picture credit @ PMC Production
Interview: Mr. Seung-Whan Song 

Mr. Seung-Whan Song
picture credit @ PMC Production
Mr. Seung When Song is the producer for the critically acclaimed NANTA(Cookin') show. Get to know who is behind this sensational must-watch show. NANTA (Cookin’) will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 3-5 June 2016. For more information, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/nanta0616.

1. NANTA (Cookin’) is one of the most popular shows in Korea but how would you describe or introduce this performance to an audience outside of Korea?

Through a fusion of rhythm, beats and comedy, NANTA (Cookin’) gives people a peek into the Korean culture. The performance showcases a traditional Korean wedding where cooks are in a mad rush to prepare all the dishes in time. With action at every turn and vegetables flying all around, you definitely won’t find any dull moment in NANTA (Cookin’)!

2. Were there any obstacles that were faced when creating NANTA (Cookin’)?

There weren’t major obstacles, but as we had to focus on creating a “non-verbal” show that is equally (and more) entertaining as a normal (verbal) show, we had to be extra creative and imaginative.  So I continuously observed the reaction of the audience and also received comments and advice from friends and experts. Therefore, I would say combining strategic planning with creativity was the “obstacle” we faced and jumped over.

3. What is the essence of NANTA (Cookin’) that made it into the longest-running show in Korean history?

There are no limits when it comes to “who can watch NANTA”. NANTA is a performance that audiences of all ages can watch and enjoy. In addition, it is also a performance that people all over the globe can watch while laughing and clapping along to the same scenes because it breaks down the language barrier. 

4. Each team of cast stars five characters, personally which is your favorite character?

That is tough question that I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you the answer that you may want. (haha) That is because each character is a “must” in NANTA. The unique characteristics of each member and the rhythm and beats that each member creates all make up the final product called “NANTA”. If you watch the performance, you will understand.

5. Do you think NANTA (Cookin’) is a must watch at least once in a person’s life, if so why?

It is absolutely a “must-watch” without a doubt. The amount of positive energy and thrill NANTA gives off is something that cannot be explained in words. The Korean traditional rhythm and beats that are customized with familiar performance elements delivers an unforgettable 90 min experience!

Interview: NANTA Cast (Brown Team) :-

NANTA (Cookin') is Korea's non-verbal show that is entertaining and fun, definitely not-to-missed! The cast is enthusiastic to be coming to Singapore to entertain the audience with an unforgettable show so don't miss this opportunity! NANTA (Cookin’) will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 3-5 June 2016. For more information, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/nanta0616.

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Head Chef - Ko Chang Hwan
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Sexy Guy - Ho Yeoul Sul
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Hot Sauce - Yun Hye Jin
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Manager - Kim Tae Wan 
picture credit @ PMC Production
Nephew - Nam Dong Hoon
1. The characters that is in NANTA (Cookin’) seem eccentric, how do you portray such characters?
We think that we all have that “eccentric character” inside of us. We like to fool around and entertain each other most of time. Hence it is actually not difficult to portray the characters because some parts of the characters are already in us. It would be correct to say that we are partly acting and partly being ourselves. (laughter)
2. Does the show remain the same when it is performed in other countries or subtle changes were made?
The contents of NANTA are always the same wherever and whenever we perform but we do also add in different elements through audience participation. We heard that Singapore audiences are very enthusiastic and energetic. We are really excited and look forward to meeting everyone at Resorts World Theatre in June! It will be one of the most powerful shows ever!
3. How does being cast in NANTA (Cookin’) inspire you personally?
Manager – Tae Wan Kim: Through NANTA, I can really feel the power of performing arts. Although there are no lines in NANTA, we can continuously interact with the audience. It is a great experience to watch the facial expressions of the audience and realize that they understand our acts.
Head Chef – Chang Hwan Ko: Each time we perform I get new inspirations from the audience. The reactions that the audience show to NANTA inversely gives me great energy and inspiration.
Hot Sauce – Hye Jin Yun: Yeah, I totally agree with Chang Hwan. The audience always deliver an immense amount of inspiration. This is a bit “off-topic” but I always thought it would be great to offer more experiences which allows the audiences to taste (which is an idea that I got through the inspiration from the audience). Currently we only have a soup tasting scene, but it would be great if we could also offer the audience a chance to taste Bulgogi (Korean style marinated beef) and steamed dumplings as well. (haha)
Sexy Guy – Ho Yeoul Sul: I’m not sure about “personal inspiration”, but it has definitely inspired me as an actor.
Nephew – Dong Hoon Nam: I get inspired every day, but the specific details are a secret! (grin) 
4. What do you enjoy most about when performing in NANTA (Cookin’)?
Manager – Tae Wan Kim: Oh..there are so many! If I had to pick just one, I guess it would be that we get the chance to meet audiences of all nationalities. 
Head Chef – Chang Hwan Ko: There is great joy in the fact that we can deliver the traditional rhythm and beats of Korea all over the world through NANTA.
Hot Sauce – Hye Jin Yun: I really enjoy watching the happy faces of the audience and listening to all the cheers and clapping.
Sexy Guy – Ho Yeoul Sul: We have a new set of audience every day. The fact that we get to interact with different people each time we perform really touches us and make us feel privileged. 
Nephew – Dong Hoon Nam: Yeah, I totally agree with Ho Yeoul. It is great to go up on stage to meet new people each time. 

5. What is your message to Singaporean fans anticipating for your return?
Manager – Tae Wan Kim: We are coming for you so stay right where you are! We are really excited to go to Singapore and meet all of you. Let’s have some NANTA fun together! 
Head Chef – Chang Hwan Ko: We are back in 2 years so come on over to relive the sizzling excitement of NANTA! For those who missed our performance 2 years ago, make sure you catch us this time! 
Hot Sauce – Hye Jin Yun: I’m still in Korea and I’m already full of excitement just by the thought of going to Singapore! See you all at the Resorts World Theatre!
Sexy Guy – Ho Yeoul Sul: Thank you very much for your love and support!
Nephew – Dong Hoon Nam: Please come and watch our show! I ♥ SINGAPORE!