[INTERVIEW] The Painters: HERO's Cast + Producer *Watch the performance in Singapore from 10-11 June 2016*

Picture credit @ Pentatonic Inc.
The Painters having fun with Action Painting
The Painters: HERO, the mind-blowing innovative non-verbal art performance that couples 3D video art together with action-filled performances of dance and comedy, will be back in Singapore with absolutely brand new content this year. The Painters: HERO reached over two million international audience with 7,000 shows within five years in Seoul and Jeju theaters. The show focuses on re-creating all-time favorite superstars such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and even Superman through their own interpretation in art form.

Interview : The Painters: HERO's Producer – Mr Kyu Jeong

The Painters: HERO will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 10-11 June 2016. For more information, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/hero0616.

1. How would you introduce The Painters: HERO to new audiences?
It’s a new type of art performance, live on stage with 3D video display. With the twist and turns throughout the show, every one of all ages and nationalities can enjoy 80 minutes of awe and laughter.

2. What inspired The Painters: HERO to be established?
For most people, art is regarded as a sophisticated hobby to be enjoyed only at an art museum or gallery. Art pieces are exquisite by themselves, but I feel that the process of creating art can also trigger people’s interest and present some heart touching moments. Therefore, I decided to conceptualise The Painters: HERO to make ‘art’ an interesting subject to approach. The performance presents a new way of enjoying art by showcasing the process of making art live on stage through various art techniques with elements of dance, comedy and mime.

3. What were the challenges that you faced when creating and presenting art through 10 different art techniques and incredible visual effects throughout the show?
As the show presents the process of making art, all of the artworks should be able to be seen through the audience’s perspective. There were lots of limitation on choosing art mediums for the show, for example, liquid or power will flow down the canvas if the art piece is standing up. Video projection mapping is one of the sources to be used during the show to cover up some limitation on canvas, but it’s still a concerning issue as I don’t want to lose analogue aspect of the show. Therefore, one of the challenges was to find art mediums or techniques that audience can witness with their own eyes. Also, actors cannot help but have their back facing the audiences to draw during the show in general. However, if we put too much time in drawing, the audiences will easily get bored. To solve the problem, we’ve put in elements of comedy and mime. However, I would still like to think of ideas which actors can draw while facing the audience.

4. Are there any particular style or certain direction when producing for The Painters: Hero?
The direction of production was to make a show where we can communicate with audience through art. Therefore, I’ve tried to put many elements which audience can connect to and not only art techniques.

5. How do you think exposure outside of Korea would benefit The Painters: Hero?
It is definitely a valuable experience to meet more and diverse audiences outside of Korea. In the end, it will help us to make our dream come true, which is to have our own theatres around the world.

Picture Credit @ Pentatonic Inc.

Interview : Cast of The Painters : Hero

Check out the artistically talented cast of The Painters : Hero performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 10-11 June 2016. For more information, please visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/hero0616

1. When performing for a foreign country, does it affect your performance?
We try to take the country’s culture into consideration as it can affect the gestures used during the show or when preparing special drawing concepts.

2. How do you energize and continuously motivate yourself with The Painters: Hero performance?
As we do performances at our own theatres in Korea every day, we need to energize and motivate ourselves on stage. We would say that anticipating meeting the audiences would be the main source of our energy. For motivation, we try to share our thoughts with each other based on audience’s reaction or critics from our producer and show director. 

3. What do you hope the audience will be able to take in when watching The Painters: Hero?
We hope that the audiences will be able to enjoy the vibrant colours, effects and action in our performance. The Painters: HERO focuses on showcasing the process of making art live on stage together with the audiences using different art techniques instead of only focusing on completed artworks. Most importantly, our wish is for everyone who leaves the Resorts World Theatre to be full of joy after watching our performance and to spread that joy with those around them.

4. With incorporating art in your performance, do you feel a sense of stress, if so, how do you overcome it?
As we’re not professional artists, we do get some stress from time to time. At those times, sharing concerns with other members helps a lot and actually leads to the better outcome.

5. What is your message to Singaporean fans anticipating for your return?
Since our first tour, we’ve been waiting to meet Singaporean fans again. We’ve upgraded our contents and prepared special performance just for you. We’ll be waiting you at the Resorts World Theatre in June!