Got7 Racism scandal and alleged underage drinking

The seven member boy group is causing drama on social media as a video of Yugyeom who allegedly seem to be drunk and BamBam using the “N” word casually while in a party held in Los Angeles is recorded. This incidents sparked many reactions on Twitter and Instagram who fans have claimed to be disappointed and other who have shielded the boys. Here at – We do not advocate the use of racial slurs that are regarded as highly offensive. Twitter is swarmed with users claiming this is a direct result of Got7 member Mark’s “friends” while sharing images and videos of his “friends” in a wild manner. People are claiming his friends acted disrespectfully off during the GOT7 Concert and reportedly to be drinking during the event and taught BamBam that the "N" word meant "bro".

Following up, member BamBam apologized on his Instagram.