Rendy Pandugo's New Single "I Don't Care"

Rendy Pandugo who’s hitting it big on SoundCloud with more than 20,000 followers has just released a new song titled “I Don’t Care”. The Indonesian artist has come together with Sony Music Entertainment to bring his music internationally. He is known for his John Meyer-like vocal abilities and captivating audiences with his guitar skills. “I Don’t Care” is the first English song he wrote. Additionally, he explained the song tells a simple story that deals with pain and disappointment after someone you trusted have done you wrong.

We got up close and personal with Rendy Pandugo here in Malaysia. Rendy shared how he picked the location of his Music Video of “I Don’t Care” while attending a meeting with Sony Music Indonesia. He saw a picture of Mount Fuji as the wallpaper of a laptop and decides to film his MV over at Japan.
Check out the music video here!

Rendy Pandugo is no stranger to Indonesia but with his first ever English single “I Don’t Care”, he’s breaching out to Asia Pacific and hoping to spread his music all over the world. He also expressed why he chose “I Don’t Care” as the introduction to his upcoming album that will be releasing in March 2017 under Sony Music Entertainment. He mentioned that the song has pop and light blue which will appeal to the general public compared to the other songs in the upcoming album. “I think this is a great choice to introduce myself to the public” he states.

When asked how he felt being dubbed as the Indonesian version of John Meyer, he mentioned that it does stresses him a little and that he just wants to be himself. Rendy Pandugo identifies himself as a guitarist first then in 2014, he started to get more singing gigs that have lead him to where he is now, a blooming Indonesian artist. The single I Don't Care can be downloaded on iTunes and other official digital music platforms.