Building the Hottest Trending Celebrity App "Gorgias" collaborating with Sony Music Malaysia To Lead a New Market Trend

Gorgias is the leading provider of interactive between media and high-technologies. They are the first company in Malaysia that focuses on building personalized mobile apps for celebrities, including social media influencers, models, professionals and brands, providing them with a convenient platform to increase their personal influence and interactions with fans.

Based on the concept of "people", Gorgias "people, Gorgias produces personalized apps for their celebrities to allow  their fans to download their idols' apps on their mobile phones and follow their latest updates. Celebrities will be able to share their personal status on the app and interact directly with the fans. 

To date, Gorgias has successfully initiated a new Wave in Malaysia's social media, creating personalized apps for both local and currently Taiwanese celebrities. Recently Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia had decided to join the new force by appointing Gorgias to create personalized apps for their artists, including Malay pop singer Amy Mastura, rapper Altiermet, multi-talented artist Ifa Raziah, Singaporean Idol Aliff Aziz, singer Julia Cuclos, NYK and Farisha Irish. 

Gorgias Founder and Marketing Director Chris Wong said that collaboration with Sony Music marked the start of a new drift in the local music industry. The Gorgias App is a new channel for fans to know more about their idols. The notification function will help fans to get updates about their idols immediately. 

Celebrities can leverage on their personal app to improve their own brand values and increase their exposures. Brands can also utilize the app to service their supporters, building a bridge between brands and consumers. Buyers can purchase products through their mobile app while the brands can send their latest product updates to app users. 

Gorgias is a free app that supports both iOS and Android platforms.Download the app and turn your mobile phone into a powerful tool to follow up closely the updates of your favorite celebrities or brands.

According to research, individuals spent nearly 70% of their time on mobile phones compared to personal computers, and 80% of the time while they are on their mobile phones, they are browsing apps. 

Gorgias Founder and Marketing Director Chris Wong said mobile phones had since replaced websites as the main browser for consumers. The Gorgias app is designed especially for the celebrities, allowing them to customize their page and upload their personal updates anytime, anywhere. The pages are divided to different categories such as magazines, news, advertisement, lifestyle and others, making it simple for the users. 

The Gorgias family now includes over a hundred local celebrities such as Alvin Loh, Apple Tan, Audrey Loke Pui Yan, Chriz Ooi, Christina Foo, Chrystina Ng, CT Chin, Datin Maylene, Datin Winnie Loo, Datin Yohko Ng, Dennis Yin, Dino Goh, Dominique Chan, Elecher, Elaina Efendieva, Elecoldxhot, Fabian Wong, Fuzz Wayne, Gary Cheok, Mawar Rashid, Mayjune, Mozart, Ray Chan, Sara Ali, Shawn Lee, Tanisha Demour Tung Mei Chin, Wayne Thong, Wilson Tang, Wind Lee, Carmen Chong ONFM, Vivian Liu, Monsters Lee, Ribbon Ooi, Crystal Lee, Candy Ice, Baby Akiyo, Kit Teo, Taiwanese girl group, Twinko, Tasha shile and many more! 

Many local artists and celebrities are invited to grace the launching ceremony of this new social media. The event will also witness the unveiling of Malaysian Sexy DJ The Leng Sister's app, to allow all guests to experience this unique and high technology platform.

Gorgias Founder and Marketing Director Chris Wong also disclose that they will be working with Sony Music to promote monthly events to allow users to understand more about the personalized app and their idols. He said this is a kick-start to the overall projects, as they aim to bring this app platform to the Indonesian market next, and eventually expanding to the whole Asia.