Top 5 Memorable K-Pop Boyfriend Concept

Throughout the years of the Hallyu Wave, there were countless of K-Pop concepts and some unique concepts have even garnered international attention. Almost all of the male Korean Pop groups have gone through the cute boyfriend concept in their career from their styling aesthetics to lyrics! You can expect to fall in love with them all over again with our list of Top 5 K-pop Boyfriend Concept!

1. Super Junior's "No Other" released back in 2010 encapsulated the boyfriend aura and their adorable lyrics are perfect for anyone who wants to feel butterflies in their stomach. In the music video, the boys captures the heart of the audience with their thought-out valentine themed gesture.

"가슴이 소리쳐 말해"
Call out my heart

2. This not exactly a boyfriend concept, but Got7 is known as the younger brothers of 2PM in which the boys debuted with a "cool" hip-hop concept. However, in 2014, the boys took on a "casual" look  while incorporating humor in their music video for "A". Filmed in Malaysia, their "friendly neighborhood gang" aesthetic to their lyrics, it will certainly make any girl's heart flutter.

"에이 나를 보다 왜 눈을 돌려"
"다 아는데 에이 에이"
Hey why do you look away
I know everything

3. SHINee's "Hello" is the definition of the boy next door concept, they showcased their youthful charms in the music video. The boys are known for their hardcore synchronized dance moves but we're slowing it down with their lighthearted song! Get ready to be swooned by SHINee.

"운명일지 몰라"
This might be destiny

4. Seventeen is a multi-talented group that is new on the K-pop scene in which they have much to offer. Mansae blew up with popularity due to their sweet lyrics and appealing boyish charms in the choreography. Imagine having the members of Seventeen as your classmates! *gasp*

"아무리 바빠도 너를 챙겨"
"어디를 가도 너를 지킬 거야"
No matter how busy I am, I’ll take care of you
Wherever I go, I’ll protect you

5. It will be a crime if this is not listed! The group itself is named "Boyfriend" and this is their debut single. Get ready to smile the moment you press play! Their lovable and cute antics will make any "noona" feel chirpy and jolly.

"내가 널 지켜줄게 널 항상 아껴줄게"
"오직 널 위한 내가 돼 줄게"
I’ll protect you, I’ll always take care of you
I’ll do it all just for you

Did your favorite K-pop boy group music video did not made it on to our list? Share it with us because our team had a tough time picking the top 5!